Top Skills Every Successful Scrum Master Has at Their Disposal

Every Scrum Master knows that there are several key components of effective leadership — and these components vary based on the environment you’re in. Indeed, adaptability is imperative when it comes to the successful implementation of Scrum. If you’re a Scrum Master working in a virtual environment, you might be wondering how to bypass Zoom virtual background requirements and create a welcoming online office. Working in a remote setting doesn’t have to be an obstacle when you have the core Scrum Master skills. Find out what skills you need to lead successfully in the online Scrum environment — and why a virtual background is more important than you might think.

The first skill that every Scrum Master must possess is the ability to identify and remove the obstacles that exist in the virtual world. The Scrum framework demands that your team maintain control over its processes, but this can be difficult to achieve in the virtual environment. Self-organization is essential to maintaining progress towards goals in spite of the limitations that a remote workplace may impose, and it’s the Scrum Master’s responsibility to model the principles of self-organization effectively. You can do this by taking ownership of the project your team is working on and holding team members accountable for its progress.

Holding your team accountable can be challenging, but there are a few ways to do it so that it motivates rather than demoralizes. If you’re hosting a Daily Scrum meeting with a Microsoft Teams virtual background, for example, you can start by investigating what might be standing in the way of your team’s progress. In many cases, team members’ lack of progress isn’t reflective of a lack of effort — especially when your team is working remotely. Stagnation may simply be a symptom of the obstacles that exist in an online office.

Share Experiences and Encourage Collaboration

A Scrum Master isn’t just responsible for combatting the problems of remote work. You also need to keep morale high, motivate your team members, and ensure that everybody has the resources they need to succeed. In a Zoom virtual office setting, this means you need to foster a team mentality even when you can’t share a room with your teammates. As Scrum Master, you can accomplish this by sharing your experiences and encouraging collaborative innovation. Your team may feel isolated and unengaged due to the distance of an online environment. Sharing stories helps to remind everybody that if they’re feeling this way, they aren’t alone.

Sharing experiences can easily facilitate a sense of solidarity, which in turn, can inspire a return to collaboration. Facilitating collaboration is the Scrum Master’s ultimate responsibility, and with the challenges of the online workplace, it’s important to find new ways to do so. You can implement the Scrum framework effectively and motivate your team to succeed by upholding Agile values. With resourcefulness and self-organization, you’ll set the example that your team needs to see in order to move your project forward.

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