Top Physical Therapist in Fort Collins CO To Help Your Child

Top Physical Therapist in Fort Collins CO To Help Your Child

Injuries associated with automotive collisions, sporting events and everyday activities can cause significant damage to muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. Despite the body’s innate ability to heal itself, professional intervention may be required for more complex situations. Physical therapists can work alongside your child’s primary care physician, orthopedic specialist or surgeon to identify a treatment plan that adequately meets your family’s needs. Understanding your child’s injury can help you find the right place for physical therapy in Fort Collins.

Assessing Your Child’s Needs

Physical therapists often treat individuals dealing with acute musculoskeletal injuries or chronic pain. Given that no two injuries are alike, it is imperative that a thorough evaluation of your child’s condition be completed before beginning any form of treatment. This not only allows a therapist to determine the current state of your child’s condition but also grants you the opportunity to discuss any pressing questions or concerns.

Physical exams are a great way for medical professionals to assess the severity of an injury. Measuring your child’s range of motion, strength and mobility can help provide insight into the length of treatment and the type of therapeutic methods that should be utilized. Your child’s pain level should be documented in their chart for future reference.

Your child’s level of activity prior to their injury can alter a physical therapist’s approach to recovery. Children who participate in sports such as football, soccer or track may benefit from regimes focusing on strength training, balance and agility, while more sedentary children may need exercises geared toward pain reduction and flexibility.

Choosing the Right Physical Therapist

Although you might have access to several qualified physical therapists, it is important to note that not all professionals can address your child’s needs. Obtaining referrals can be an excellent way to narrow your search for the right physical therapist. You might also find it advantageous to schedule an initial consultation with a service provider to gain better insight into their demeanor, experience and compatibility.

Some physical therapists may specialize in specific conditions or focus on certain areas of the body. If your child is recovering from damage to their arm, they may benefit from seeing an upper extremity therapist that provides physical therapy for kids.

Understanding Payment Options

If physical therapy services are covere under your insurance plan, choosing a provider within your network can help you reduce costs. It is important to remain cognizant of the maximum number of sessions your provider will allow. Multiple injuries or complex diagnoses may require long-term rehabilitation or the use of expensive medical equipment. Knowing your physical therapist’s course of action can help you estimate total expenditures.

Out-of-pocket expenses can drain financial resources, making it harder to afford necessary services. To combat this, some physical therapy offices may offer different payment options such as discounted rates for lump-sum payments or monthly fee installments.

Identifying the best physical therapists for your child can increase the likelihood of a successful recovery. Search your area to find a physical therapist that is right for you.

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