Top On-Page SEO Tools That Will Increase Your Site’s Ranking

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the central part of optimizing your site. It makes your website strong enough to withstand search engine algorithm change and stand apart from the competition. On-page SEO is all about evaluating and improving your on-site elements. There are tools available online to help you analyze your on-page website status. We’ll enlist the topmost tools for the same.


Why is on-page SEO important?

On-page optimization is the best way to improve your online rankings. You enhance your website according to webmaster guidelines and reach the target audience effectively.

It paves the way for taking your website to the first page in search results and getting the audience to click on your site. On-page SEO ensures that visitors get the optimal page experience while taking care of factors like:

  • Reducing bounce rate
  • Increase in pages per session
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Amplify your sales
  • Time spent on the website
  • Making your website mobile-friendly


Search engine crawlers count on these factors to govern your website rankings. Once rankings improve, traffic improves and the cycle continues with consistent on-page efforts.


The top 10 on-page SEO tools to boost website’s rankings 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the best and free tools to perform keyword research and on-site SEO. With the ‘open report’ link you can check the status of the individual pages. 

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You can compare word-to-word rankings for your alt tags, title tag, body content, H1 tag, and H2 tag. Furthermore, you can review the queries trending in the market related to your niche.



SEMrush on-page SEO checker offers a comprehensive list of on-page elements to improve your website rankings. You can make your website healthier and improve its performance manifold with SEMrush. 

SEMrush gives you user experience ideas, content gap areas, and ways to build a holistic on-page strategy. The best part is you can check out the top 10 competitors’ strength areas and build your strategy upon that.



Buzzstream provides you a smooth ride to get title tag, meta description, and keywords in one go. It is one of the reliable and trusted tools in the SEO industry. You can start using this tool by entering the list of URLs and extracting the appropriate on-page elements from the same. 

Screaming frog

Screaming frog has come with an extensive SEO spider tool to improve your on-site SEO. It uses website crawlers to analyze common on-page SEO issues thoroughly. 

The unique point of screaming frog is it allows you to upload your log files, and recognize crawled URLs. With this, you can search bot data and get insights into the crawability and indexability of your website.


Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Are you looking to get exact keywords that will help you reach the top 10 rankings? Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is the best solution. SEO company India can extract all types of keywords like long-tail, short, primary, and secondary keywords from Ahrefs. Creating out of the box and quality proves to be a great aid with many keyword ideas and their rankings.

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Woorank is the most convenient tool to use to fix on-page SEO. You can visually figure out your website strength areas, where you need improvement, identify potential areas, and errors. 


Woorank is worth counting on to get overall on-page SEO performance in terms of score 100. Determine things like title tags, keyword consistency, alt tags, in-page links, and mobile-friendliness.



KeywordChef is the leading keyword research tool for writing high-quality content. It makes your content marketing journey an enjoyable one. When you enter your niche and industry, KeywordChef conducts real-time SERP analysis. 


Also, this keyword tool finds and filters industry-wide keywords to boost your rankings considerably. It helps you reach user search intent while focusing on quality keywords rather than mere numbers.



Moz provides an on-page SEO grader tool for instant analysis of on-page elements. It gives you reports to get insights into the current status of on-site SEO. The best part is you can opt for a 30-day trial for free to see how it works.


Put URLs into the Moz pro and get the optimization score. Furthermore, it tells you the recommended fixes to improve your on-page SEO. In this, Moz delivers page strength, priority list as per urgency, and ways to tackle page issues.



Copyscape is the best tool for checking the plagiarism of your on-page content. With this, you escape the Google penalty and decrease in search engine rankings by using unique information on your web helps you avoid duplicate content that you may slip through creases or corners.

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Final Words

In short, on-page SEO tools keep a track of your on-page health while helping you dive deep into on-page elements. Several tools are free like Google search console, and some provide a trial pack to try their tools free for some time and then go for a paid version. 


For other tools, you need to pay right from the beginning. Be sure of your on-page requirements before proceeding further. It will save you precious time and help you develop an influential on-page strategy. 


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