Top 5 Reasons to choose a coworking space over work from home


Due to the pandemic, many companies have been given the choice to work from home with their employees. Remote working has become easy because of improvements in technology and on the internet. To its credit, working remotely has helped employees to increase their productivity, save on commuting, eliminate unnecessary meetings, and has also helped them in providing them with more flexibility.

But there’s a flipside to this as well. Working from home has its disadvantages especially if there is a disturbance in the employees’ home. Working from home is not easy for everyone unless you have a separate room or a floor dedicated to the office work, and building a professional network, both of which are important for future advancement of your career or business objectives. Managed offices will be beneficial for the employee’s growth in careers as they get to work with a variety of industry professionals and learn from the industry experts. 

Did you know that in a survey conducted to know what employees prefer their work location, about 53% of people prefer to work from the office. 

Let’s see some major reasons to choose a coworking space in Bangalore over working from home:

Distraction: Distraction is the biggest disadvantage of working from home. If an employee is working from home there are high chances of getting distracted by household chores, friends or family, and kids. Managing both professional work and household work is not everyone’s cup of tea. Distraction often leads to loss of productivity. Coworking space can be helpful to regain your focus as the shared office space is more organized with only professionals working out of them, and there will be no disturbance in between the work.

Discipline: Working from home can lead to a lack of discipline in your work schedule. There will not be proper routine or to-dos maintenance that eventually leads to delays in submission of work. Opting for office space on rent is a better option to have a disciplined workflow as having an aesthetic and functional coworking desk brings that much-needed element of professionalism. Having employees working from home may lead them to compromise their personal life or professional life without a proper balance of work life. Thus a managed office helps to maintain disciplined work amongst the employees. 

Less Motivation: Working from home can make employees inattentive to the details and the occurrence of errors might increase, due to which there will be no motivation in the employees to work as there will be no one around to push or motivate the employee to work effectively. 

The biggest issue will be resolved easily as people around can motivate and push them to go the extra mile to be productive and achieve their goals. Staying connected physically at a business center can build constant communication and clears all the queries at the same time by eliminating long email chains and extended phone calls.

Communication gap: As employees will not be able to have a face-to-face conversation, interaction with the online platforms can lead to misconceptions, and chances of missing out on points will be on the higher end. Consistency of communication can be maintained in the furnished office spaces between the team members, leads, and the managers which is only possible in the typical workplace.   

Isolation: Working from home involves a lot of time spent alone which eventually causes loneliness and isolation. Collaboration and connections are very important to work effectively which are usually lacking in working from home. Isolation can be completely put to an end in a coworking center where one can get brainstorming, and socialization, and also enjoy independent coworking desks to concentrate in-depth on their work.   

In a nutshell 

When comparing work from home over coworking space, it is beneficial to have employees in coworking space to improve productivity, have less risk of overworking, and encourage a smooth process pertaining to collaborations with other team members. iKeva is one such workspace provider that offers the perfect ambience for any size of company or even individuals and freelancers, and that too at affordable plans. Situated across Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai, iKeva’s coworking spaces have a positive impact on your productivity and efficiency with their safe and sanitized workspaces.

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