Top 3 reasons why you should stop worrying about your penis size

The topic of penis size is one of the most controversial you will find on the adult web. The reason for this, is that some school of thought believes that it isn’t possible to enjoy sex without having a large penis, and others believe the direct opposite. Hence, this topic became a controversial one with various reasons and research scattered around the internet. 

It is, however, important to note that when it comes to sex and sexual intimacy, the penis size doesn’t matter. However, that you have a bigger penis doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy sex, and that you have a smaller one doesn’t mean you would enjoy it better. It all depends on how much you understand the assignment. Some porn stars in porn videos clips are such that they have below the average penis size and they still ensure their partners enjoy sex so, to an extent, it’s not entirely about the size of the penis, although it could be an advantage in some cases. 

If you are such that you worry as a result of your penis size, you shouldn’t anymore. Here are some reasons why you should be contempt with your penis size. 

Size doesn’t guarantee orgasm:

If there are any consolations, here should be the first on the list. More than you already know, your penis size is not responsible for your partner’s orgasm. So, it doesn’t matter if you have a large penis or a smaller one, it all depends on your sexual dexterity and how much you know your partner’s body. More than having a huge penis, prioritize knowing how to navigate your partner’s body. Know where to touch, where to caress, where to nibble and the exact place where you need to intensify the slamming. 

She thinks it’s fine:

According to recent research carried out in the United States, about 84% of women at UCLA are okay with their partner’s penis size. So, the only person worrying about the size of the penis is you. Unless you have low self-esteem or low-sexual confidence, you should quit thinking and worrying about having a smaller penis because it won’t change anything. Since your partner is okay with it, there should be no reasons why you shouldn’t be fine with it as well. 

Worrying won’t change a thing:

Instead of brooding, worrying or spending so much on penis pills and penis enlargement creams, channel that energy towards knowing your partner. The more you understand your partner, the less stressful it is for you to keep worrying about your penis size. The truth of the matter is that your penis will stop growing once you are about 25 years and above, so quit wasting so much on enlargement creams and focus on working with the size you have. 

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