Top 3 industries that need MDM

Top 3 industries that need MDM

Times are rapidly changing, and several industries are switching to faster and more efficient ways of functioning. As people are looking towards a more digitised future with mobile devices playing an important role, more businesses are struggling to adapt with very little time with an ongoing pandemic.

Despite the struggle, there has been a steady growth in the remote working model, especially in the healthcare, education, and logistics sectors. Fortunately, these industries can rely on existing technologies that help streamline managing the existing devices. And this technology is called Mobile Device Management or MDM.

If you’re wondering how the incorporation of MDM can help the healthcare, logistics, and education industries, the following insights will help you. 42Gears has put together ways in which MDM solutions can help simplify and streamline industries that use mobile devices.

MDM in healthcare

With the pandemic, MDM solutions enable healthcare providers to monitor patients efficiently. When a quarantined patient leaves isolation, healthcare providers are alerted through the geofencing feature. Thanks to technological enhancement, assisting patients is tremendously easy and more efficient during the pandemic.

MDM in logistics

As one of the top essential sectors, logistics play a vital role in helping with transportation and delivery of essential goods at a higher and more efficient rate. It keeps the world moving.

MDM is the perfect tool that enables logistic managers to locate drivers quickly. The feature also helps reduce risks by increasing road safety with geofencing capability. Remote support is always a glance away.

MDM in education

The pandemic has wreaked havoc in the education sector with a sudden need for remote learning. With no prior experience in software that helps access digital education, teachers across the globe are relying on existing MDM software to continue teaching.

Here, the efficiency of MDM comes in handy. IT managers help connect millions of students and teachers while ensuring digital learning is easy and enjoyable. With features like ‘grouping’, students from different levels are efficiently monitored and assisted. Bulk file transfers and access to schoolwork become much easier as it is all just a click away. Learning becomes seamless when MDM is involved, as the world is racing towards a digital future.

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