Top 13 Types of Desk Accessories for Maximum Productivity

Desk Accessories

For the last two years almost due to pandemic situation worldwide work from home has become common for most of the organizations and this makes these accessories even more significant for daily work life. Using desk accessories, you would be able to avoid all sorts of distraction and stay focused at your work.


Types of Elements in Desk Accessories:


1. Object elements:

Objects surrounding you impact on your productivity provide overall comfort and make ergonomic difference. Surveys show that enthusiasts choose the gadgets that increase their work efficiency and productivity. For example, between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard, the winner always chooses the one that provides him with optimum productivity.

2. Natural things:

If your workstation consists of natural things, they would optimize the entire work environment. Natural elements as desk accessories in your workstation are not only important for your health but are also crucial for uplifting your energy level and mood.  Natural elements include proper supply of fresh air, proper natural lighting, small set up of plantations or flower etc. These help your mind to get freshened up and also help you to connect to Mother Nature right from your workstation. Also consider keeping loud noises or sounds at minimum level as it can divert your mind and affect your work efficiency.

3. Human elements:

Apart from environment, humans as desk accessories too have a great role in maintaining healthy environment at the working desk. Humans are only able to adjust situations according to the kind of work they are performing. If you are working at your desk at a stretch for a long time, take a break sometimes to stretch the parts of your body. You can go for employing voice commands or other shortcuts to work faster. It is important to take self-care to reach the best work efficiency which includes regular exercising.

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13 Best Types of Desk Accessories to Get Familiar With


  1. Keyboard cover- Protects keyboard against rough typing and dust.
  2. Pots for succulent plants and tropical near indestructible plants- Add greenery to your desk, improve mood and connects you with Mother Nature.
  3. Wireless charging pad- This type of desk accessories give sophistication to your desk and fulfills the purpose of charging multiple devices simultaneously.
  4. Coffee mug- Coffee mugs made up of stainless steel keeps your drink hot for long time.
  5. Posture belt- Maintains a good posture while working at desk and relieves back pain when you are working at a stretch for long hours.
  6. Smart notebook- This is digitalized and reusable and reduces wastage of papers.
  7. Heating pad- When it is too cold it keeps you warm and it automatically turns off after 2 hours of use.
  8. Seat cushion- Improves sitting posture and relieves from coccyx pain.
  9. Computer glass- Helps to maintain your circadian rhythm during long hours of work stress.
  10. Note dispenser- Acts as reminder for important events and meetings.
  11. Wireless mouse and keyboard- These de-clutter space at workstation that happens due to multiple wires.
  12. Headphones- These desk accessorieshelp you to stay focused during meetings, gaming and different other sound-needing jobs.
  13. High back desk chair- Cushioned set up is present so that you do not have body or neck pain during long hours of work.

Final Words

Hence, considering the different purposes that various desk accessories serve, you can go for the ones that best suit your need and help you to attain maximum work efficiency and productivity. So, what makes you wait? Choose your preferred desk accessories for your desk and see the change in productivity by yourself.

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