Top 10 Hand Emojis That You Should Be Using

Hand Emojis

Today, emojis are one of the most used and powerful tools to communicate with other people. Numerous emojis are available to express yourself or describe your emotions at the moment. You can choose from many icons to let someone know how you feel or what is going on with your life.

Emojis are undeniably part of people’s modern everyday life. Whether you like it or not, these play a huge role in today’s communication world and help you better express what you truly feel to others. While classics, like the peace sign, high five icon, and thumbs up emoji may easily translate from real life, the language of hand emojis is expansive. As the emoji library expands these days, it is always a good idea to refresh your emoji fluency. And the best way to start it off is through the following hand emojis.

Clapping Hands

Using this symbol means you are applauding someone. It is a physical depiction of giving a person a round of applause for doing a great job. Anything that deserves congratulations or appreciation can translate to clapping hands emoji. You can use it to appreciate a person’s success, talent, achievements, or skill. You can use it to emphasize words or statements and show how proud you can be of someone.

Fist Bump

Also known as the oncoming or fisted emoji, the fist bump icon is a threatening gesture meant to intimidate a person. It shows that you are mad to the point you want to punch someone. However, there is another meaning behind this emoji, which is like a high five. Bumping fists is a sign of greeting or expression between close friends or a symbol of agreement between two people. So the next time you greet your friends online, use this emoji!

Fingers Crossed

Commonly used as a gesture showing the desire for a favorable outcome or indicating luck, the fingers crossed emoji is yet another outstanding hand icon you should be using. Tap this emoji if you want to manifest something or hope something to happen. It is a way to let people know that you are praying for some good luck or wishing something great for other people.

Heart Hands

The heart hands emoji is a pair of human hands held together to form a heart shape. It has been a social media rage for quite a while because it represents love, support, togetherness, and friendship. You can send it to all your loved ones to signify your affection toward them and show how much you love them. Instead of the usual heart emoji, you can use this to express extra warmth and intimacy.

Call Me 

A hand with thumb and pinky fingers extended is called a call me emoji because of its classic phone-like shape. You can use it to tell people to call back later. However, you can also see this often as a shaka sign, which resembles the surfer-culture symbol that means take it easy or hang loose. Choose this emoji when trying to keep things cool in your group chat or while surfing the waves and having fun in the waters.

Love You Gesture

Show some love by using the love you gesture emoji. It is the American Sign Language gesture for I love you. This emoji depicts love with its raised index, pinky fingers, and an extended thumb. Moreover, the three fingers combined spell as I-L-Y. So if you are trying to express your love to someone, you can use this emoji instead of the typical ones.


Connecting the thumb and index into a circle and holding the other fingers straight or relaxed away from the palm makes the OK emoji. Divers mostly use this OK gesture to signify they are alright when underwater. You can also use this to tell someone that you are okay and everything is doing fine. In addition, it could mean good or satisfying when you are trying to rate the food or drinks served. 

Pointing Up

An index finger pointing upward is used to represent number one or to ask a question. The pointing up emoji can also mean positive, or you are available. But you can see others using this more religiously, which points to God above. It is like saying Thy will be done or all for God. If you are trying to praise the Almighty for everything He has blessed you with, then you can also use this emoji.

Pinched Fingers

Representing the Italian hand gesture ma che vuoi, which translates to what do you want, the pinched fingers emoji is another must-used icon. In Italy, it is used in disbelief, disagreement, or frustration. On the other hand, this emoji also means chef’s kiss. It is a way to depict someone being excited or pleased about something perfect that they make this gesture and kiss their fingers out of delight. Additionally, it indicates that something is utter perfection.

Hand With Index Finger and Thumb Crossed

Another way to express love is the hand with index finger and thumb crossed emoji. Created by crisscrossing the thumb and index finger to make a mini heart symbol, this emoji is a more convenient alternative to big hand hearts that depict someone’s love. It is also known as the finger heart sign, popularized by South Korean celebrities, including K-pop stars and comedians. It is a famous gesture in the Asian community that represents one’s love for someone. You can also use this finger heart emoji to send your affection and appreciation to your loved ones.


Without a doubt, these fantastic hand emojis are helpful tools to communicate well with one another. You can use these icons above to express your emotions toward someone or something, and there is no better way to show your feelings today than using various emojis. Thus, try using and sending these hand emojis to your family or friends to showcase what you feel. Thank you so much for reading!

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