Top 10 Award-Winning Web Design companies to choose in 2022

Web Design companies

In 2022, a company’s website will be its most important business tool. Because your online presence is also how people experience and see your company, you should recognize it as a strategic asset, especially now that the Internet has become a way of life.

According to a Netcraft survey, the Internet has 644 million active websites. A website is now essential for any business. Even currently, with tens of web builders, local next-door marketing agencies, and other options, a one-of-a-kind website designed by experts is still required.

While many freelancers and web design tools can create an essential website, professional website design agencies can take it to the next level.

Numerous web design companies in Nashville can help you build a great company website from scratch. You would know where to look even if you wanted to relaunch your website. These companies provide a wide range of digital services, including web design, ecommerce store development, web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), graphic design, and more.

This article discusses ten award-winning web design companies that can deliver an excellent website to elevate your brand and business online.

Here is a list of the top ten Award-Winning Web Design companies

  1. Clay

Clay is a multi-award-winning web design firm. Clay is a well-known Silicon Valley web design firm that integrates brand identity and customer experience to create aesthetically pleasing and functional websites. Based in San Francisco, they work on website design projects ranging from corporate marketing sites to immersive web experiences with the world’s largest corporations and cutting-edge startups.

Their services include:

  • Web design
  • Branding services
  • Crypto and fintech projects
  • UX/UI design
  1. Softcircles

Softcircles is one of the best Nashville web design companies in Tennessee, working with clients to create category-defining websites. They are a truly outstanding web design firm known for their hands-on, partner-led approach. Their web designers prefer modernist aesthetics, which they frequently use in their tasks.

Their talented web developers and designers help shape brands for a connected future. This means they provide a wide range of digital products, including mobile apps, custom software development, and websites. They have been going since 2011 and have no plans to slow down. They deserved to be included on our best web design firms list.

Their services include

  • Web development
  • Mobile App development
  • Web design
  • Custom Software development
  1. Work & Co

Work & Co is a top web design firm that works with clients to create category-defining websites. They are a truly outstanding web design firm known for their hands-on, partner-led approach. Their website developers prefer modernist aesthetics, which they frequently incorporate into their tasks. The website design company was started in Brooklyn in 2013 and had six branches worldwide.

Their services include

  • Web design
  • Mobile App
  • Brand design
  • Web engineering
  • E-commerce store
  1. 02SOFT

02SOFT is an award-winning company that solves business problems, streamlines operations, increases productivity, and gets your commercial and service offerings into the hands and homes of your target audience. They have a team of certified developers, digital marketers, and innovators with extensive domain knowledge, technology, and design skills.

We assist founders and executives in realizing their company’s digital potential through web and mobile technologies. Our work has assisted clients in launching online businesses, validating business ideas with MVPs, and gaining control of their business operations through digital transformation.

Their services include:

  1. Huge

Huge (as the name implies) is a large digital web agency headquartered in Brooklyn with many satellite offices worldwide. In the early 2000s, they started as an internet marketing agency, primarily building and designing websites. They are now a complete digital agency offering everything under the sun, but their primary specialties remain web development, branding, and web design.

Their wide range of IT services includes:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Branding services
  • Digital marketing
  1. Huemor

Huemor is a leading web design firm in the world. The company provides a variety of innovative and creative services. In addition, it has a team of professionals who will assist you in reaching your objectives.

Huemor is well known for developing websites for retail stores and other tech companies. You will benefit from a low starting price, making it an excellent place to begin your search for a new web design firm.

They have been in the web design business for a long time. It has the experience and talent required to create a great website. Responsive web designs are used in various industries, from online businesses to organizations.

Service Focus

  • Web design
  • Interaction Design
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  1. GroupBWT

Because of its outstanding work on various projects, this company has risen to the top ten in the world. For example, the company used WordPress extensively to create the website for the startup Zoobe. GroupBWT has set its sights on becoming one of the world’s top ten web design companies with its latest updates and updates.

They are a well-established web design firm that provides excellent web design services. The team is fantastic at what it does, so you can be confident that this company will complete any project you may have. The company has a track record of producing excellent web designs for individuals and small businesses.

They specialize in:

  • Web design
  • UI/UX services
  • Web scraping
  • Digital design
  • Custom software development
  1. Propeller

Propeller Web Design is a Leesburg, Florida-based creative web design firm. They design stunning websites for businesses of all sizes. This company has collaborated with some of the world’s most powerful corporations, including Dell, Amazon, Newegg, Walmart, and Intel.

Because of their customer-centric approach to web design, these companies are regarded as industry leaders. One thing propeller web design has in common is that it produces high-quality results quickly.

They have collaborated with some of the most well-known brands in the world, including Launchmetrics, iProspect, and WebiMax. Their website design is excellent, and it prioritizes their clients’ content.

Their services include:

  • UI/UX services
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Content marketing
  1. Báchoo

Báchoo is a great place to start looking for a top web design company. If you own a small business and need a website designed, this is the company to call. Aside from the fact that the company’s headquarters are in St. Louis, it serves businesses worldwide. Furthermore, because they offer various services, you will receive an excellent design at a reasonable price.

However, it is not just about the website. Báchoo provides a wide range of services, including logo design, blogging, and logo design. You will not have to worry about anything going wrong with this company. This company offers exceptional web design services.

Their services may also include:

  • Web design
  • Logo design
  • Digital services
  • Blogging
  1. Cyber Infrastructure Inc

Cyber Infrastructure Inc is an excellent web design firm. They have been in the web design business since 2000. They have created websites for over 6,000 customers in the last ten years, employing around ten people.

The best thing about their website is that they offer a wide range of services, from design to construction to maintenance. They also include an excellent portfolio so you can view their work before hiring them. You will also have access to videos demonstrating how their work is completed and what it can look like it.

Their services include:

  • Software development & testing
  • Web design
  • Mobile App development
  • Web development


There are many web design firms in Nashville, but not all are created equal. Some will take your money and then fail to deliver on their promises, whereas others may be able to provide you with something that goes beyond what you will find elsewhere. Knowing who to hire for your project can be challenging, so we compiled this list of the world’s top 10 web design agencies.

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