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Daily routines are often a boring specter.  Therefore, we need something new and fun.  One thing that most people usually do is choose to play online games.  However, what online games have lots of references and are not monotonous and boring?

The answer is at Solitaire.org.  Online games are very complete and can be chosen according to our taste.  In fact, every day there are always updates to the latest types of games that we are ready to play anytime and anywhere.



How to Play and Rating Game Freecell Solitaire.  Guaranteed Fun!

For those of you who like card games, you must be familiar with the game Solitaire.  Now, there is a variation of Solitaire that is fun to play.  Yes, he is Freecell Solitaire.  Curious about how the game plays?  Let’s follow the discussion about this online game.

Freecell Solitaire Game Definition

 This online game is fundamentally different from other Solitaire games.  In the classic Solitaire game, you are only asked to turn the cards over.  However, specifically for this Freecell game, you are asked to display all cards and add certain cells as an option to be able to move cards.

Game Rules in Game

Every game must have rules, whether it’s a game played in the real world or online.  In this case, this online game also has several game rules, including:

 1. This online game is only played in one deck.

 2. You as a player will be dealt 8 rows of cards to form a Tableau column.

 3. There are 52 cards that you can use in this game.

 4. You can use 4 cells where each cell will hold a card.

 5. You can move any card that is open starting from the end of the Tableau column to the other part of the Tableau column.  This can only be done when the cards are in descending order.

 6. You can also move the descending order of cards, then you make a group with another Tableau column.

 7. If you manage to form a sequence of cards that decreases from King to Ace of the same suit, then the card will then be moved to the Foundation pile.

 8. You can win this online game if you manage to move all the cards to the Foundation section.

Scoring system

The number of scores or scores in this online game is determined from several considerations.  If you make a few moves, you can score more, and vice versa.  In addition, you are prompted to empty the Tableau quickly.  On several occasions, this online game is also held with the involvement of many players.

The Existence of Space in This Game

 This game has several rooms where the game takes place.  Some of them are:

 1. Tableau (table), which is a kind of empty room that is stored for a while before finally being disposed of.  You are asked to make 8 columns of cards in this room facing up.

 2. Foundation, which is a special room to move consecutive cards.

 3. Freecell, which consists of 4 cells and is used to store cards.

Strategy Game

 In this online game, unlike other games in Solitaire, it requires some special strategies, such as the following:

 1. Try to check the Tableau section first before making a move.  Try to always plan every move you make so that your score is high.

 2. Try to free all aces if all aces are behind the higher card.  Next, just move the card to the Foundation section.

 3. If all the Freecell fields have been filled in, it means that your chance to play or maneuver is getting smaller.  Therefore, you need to play other ways to win in this game.

 4. Try so that the column in this game can be empty.  The empty column is actually more valuable when compared to Freecell.  This is because the empty column can be used to store consecutive cards.

 So that you are not curious, let’s just play the game Freecell Solitaire.  Follow the game instructions one by one.  Over time you will definitely be able to feel the excitement of playing with this online game.  In addition, you can also feel the benefits that are very meaningful in your days that will no longer be boring.  You can read more about a selection of very useful brain-boosting online games.  Have a nice day.

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