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You can tell a lot about a person by the way they talk or write an essay. In fact, an essay does not only reveal your hard skills but also what soft skills you have. Whether you are good or bad at communicating and persuasion, one can tell by reading your essay. Hence, essays are a great way to set a good impression and captivate your audience. Therefore, you should know how to write your essay instead of treating it like some random chore.

Now that we have talked about the importance of writing essays, let’s get into the ‘how’ of it. Many students reach out to top essay writing because they feel confused about the rules. Although a few rules depend upon the type of essay you are writing, you need to follow a general guidelines. So here are the ways how you can nail any essay regardless of its type!

Brain Storming and Outlines

One of the best ways to ensure a great essay is to think of ideas and write them down first. Of course, you can keep adding to those ideas along the way but this gives a sense of direction. We know it can be pretty scary when you have a close deadline but this only saves your time.

Instead of thinking of the perfect first sentence with a blank mind, come up with ideas first. Now use these ideas to create a structure for writing your essay.  Make sure to consider the topic or prompt while building each point. This will not only save you from writers’ block but also allow you to write your essay faster and better. Finally, consider the word count at this step as it will help you determine how many ideas to come up with. 

Readable, Not Wordy

Let us get one thing straight, prolonging your sentences is one of the biggest essay crimes. You may think this is a great way to meet your word count but it ruins any essay. Making your essay wordy takes away from its essence and the reader begins to treat it as a chore instead of enjoying it.

Wouldn’t you want your reader to actually feel interested in knowing what you have to say? If that is the case, keep your sentences simple and avoid using extra words or sentences. There is no need to elaborate on things unless they actually need explaining for the reader. A reader wouldn’t want to read one sentence after another that pretty much have the same meaning. Every sentence should make sense, convey something new and informative and have no extra words.

Transition Smoothly

Okay so you are going to be adding lots of information in your essay; that’s a given. However, your new sentences shouldn’t catch the reader off guard. Hence you have to make sure that your sentences follow smoothly and are related to each other.

Treat your essay sentences like pieces of a puzzle. Now would you just connect random pieces together that don’t even fit? Well, even if you forcefully put them together, the entire picture would seem pretty off. Hence, you have to make sure that each sentence is connected to the previous one and leads to the next one. Apart from organizing the information carefully, make sure to use transition words for a smooth flow.

Source Versus Original

Now, this is the part that can vary with the type of essay so you have to decide wisely. For example, if you are writing a college essay or one based on personal experience, you’ll use original ideas. This is because such essays are completely subjective and don’t depend on fact or theory.

However, for most other essays, you might have to source ideas from websites, articles and books. This can provide backing for your arguments and make your essay look more credible. While this is a great way to prove your point and convince the audience, you need to cite the sources. Citing and referencing are important because otherwise, your essays will look copied and unoriginal.

Stick to the Prompt/Topic

If you are free to choose your own topic, that will make this step easier. This is because it’s easier to remember and stick to the topic when it matches your interests. However, if you are given the topic or prompt, you don’t have to worry too much either way.

When writing an essay, make sure to keep the prompt of the topic in front of you to view it every now and then. This will help you stay on point without getting carried away with the flow. It happens to the best of us that we make points and move to the next ones without realizing that we’re drifting from the topic. However, noticing the topic or prompt every now and then helps us stay on track.

Improve the Draft

When we talk about writing an essay, we mean coming up with a draft and making it better. The journey from first to final draft is easier than trying to come up with a perfect essay in one go. If you feel these drafting steps take too much time, you might want to start earlier.

As we said essays reveal a lot about the writer, they also show whether you were in a rush or simply lack competence. Hence, give yourself enough time to write and edit drafts till it reaches perfection. Let’s be real, people don’t write perfect essays right from the start or in one go. Hence, first, focus on completing the essay, and then correct the structure, grammar, formatting and everything else to make it better.


Everyone knows what good essays look like but only a few know how to write one. If you have finished reading the above points, you are one of those people too. Writing good essays isn’t some rocket science, all you need to do is follow a few simple guidelines. These guidelines and tips may sound boring but are super easy to follow and guarantee success. So start applying these tips and you will be able to write better than all essay writing servicesout there!

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