Tips to Send Luggage Overseas

Luggage Overseas

Here are some useful tips for sending luggage and boxes overseas if you travel overseas or need to get your belongings there safely. These include the cost, options, documentation, and pick-up time. These will help you get the most out of your overseas shipping experience. By following these tips, you can ensure that your packages will arrive safely and on time. The process is easy and affordable and can save you a lot of stress.


When travelling abroad, you might wonder, “How much will it cost to send my luggage overseas?” The good news is that there are various options for shipping your belongings to other countries. For example, you can use a shipping service like ShipGo, which can pick up your luggage and deliver it to more than 180 destinations. It also provides insurance for your belongings, as well as real-time tracking.

The cost of shipping your luggage overseas depends on the bag’s weight. Certain shippers charge a flat rate per bag, while others base their prices on weight, size, and distance. Read the guidelines before deciding which shipping method is right for your cargo. Some shipping companies charge more for larger, heavier bags, so make sure you double-check your weight before you book.

Another way to lower the cost of sending luggage overseas is to use a courier service. These services work with trusted courier companies, so they are sure to deliver your luggage quickly. Many of these services even allow you to book your luggage over the phone!


When it comes to international luggage shipping, you have a few options. There are two main types: express and freight. Express is less expensive but has limitations. Express shipments cannot travel to all countries or be sent daily. Freight is more affordable but may require extra fees depending on the shipment size.

Fortunately, some options can help you send luggage overseas cheaply. Some companies even offer flat rates. Others offer a variety of delivery times, and some can even deliver your luggage to residential addresses. Regardless of your choice, research and choose the service that best meets your needs.

International luggage shipping countries like USA. can be expensive, so shopping around is important before you use a service. Be aware of hidden costs, such as taxes and duties. Most international shipping services offer a minimum, maximum, and average cost. It would help to decide whether the additional fees are worth the savings.


Before you ship your luggage overseas, it is important to gather the proper documentation. Most luggage shipping companies will handle most of the paperwork, but you may be required to fill out some paperwork yourself. For instance, you may need to provide a list of what you’re packing and the estimated value of each item. You may also need to provide a valid passport and a copy of the photo page.

You may consider purchasing a Document Pack from a luggage shipping service. This document pack will ensure that your luggage arrives without any delays. It would help if you kept in mind that floppy disks and CDs will not be considered documents. Additionally, you will need to obtain an invoice for your parcel in the destination country.

Pick-up time

If you are shipping your luggage overseas, you might wonder when you should expect it to arrive at your new destination. The good news is that many companies can take care of this for you. You can choose which one you use depending on your destination and budget. Once you’ve chosen your carrier, you can also choose the pick-up time. For example, if you choose a service that guarantees the pick-up of your luggage within 24 hours, you won’t have to worry about it being delayed.

While there are many reasons to send your luggage from the UK to China and other countries, the most common is to avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple bags at once. It can also eliminate any additional baggage fees. While sending your luggage overseas can be cost-effective, some companies may include extra charges you may not be aware of. For example, some parcel carriers add additional handling fees and fuel surcharges to your shipment. Also, hotels can charge you extra for holding your luggage.

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