Tips to Know the Right Time to Replace Your Old Water Purifier Filter

Tips to Know the Right Time to Replace Your Old Water Purifier Filter

Your water purifier is nothing without its filter working at its best. Drinking impure water can cause several health problems. Furthermore, having tasty water is extremely important to a lot of people. For this very reason, one must make sure that their water purifier is always in its optimal condition.

A standard water purifier has the following filters

  1. Sediment filter: This filter eliminates the macroscopic dust and sand particles in the water.
  2. Carbon filter: Carbon filters remove dissolved organic compounds and chlorine from the water.
  3. Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter: The RO filter is responsible for eliminating harmful metals like lead and arsenic dissolved in the water. 

Thus, it is pretty apparent that changing the filters of your water purifier on time is crucial for good health. Here is how you can identify the right time to change your water purifier’s filter.

The right time to change your water purifier filter

When water is being dispensed slowly

A big sign of your water filter not working at its best is the water pressure. If the volume of water being dispensed by your water purifier is going down over time, then it is an indicator of your water filter being over-saturated. A considerable amount of pollutants and debris stuck within the water filter indicates that a lot of the filter membranes cannot purify the water. This means that the water you drink isn’t filtered, and you need to change it as soon as possible.

When the water tastes different

If the water you drink does not taste as sweet, it indicates that the filtration system might not be working at its best. A weak filtration system will not absorb as many total dissolved solids (TDS) as a perfectly working filtration system. As a result, the water might contain more dissolved solids than the usual water. Hence, the water will not taste as sweet as usual. If you find the taste of the water unusual, maybe it’s time to change your water purifier filter.

Unusual odour coming from your drinking water

Just like the taste, you must also pay attention to the odour of the water you’re drinking. If the carbon filter or the RO filter stops working, the water might have a foul smell or an odd metallic smell. That is also an indication to change your water purifier filter.

Metallic taste from the water

If all the dissolved metal from the water is not filtered properly, it might lead to the water having a metallic taste. The taste can also be salty in some cases. In any case, this must convince you to change your water purifier’s filtration system as soon as possible. Ingesting dangerous amounts of harmful elements such as lead and arsenic can lead to severe health disorders.

Turbid water

If the water coming out of the water purifier isn’t crystal clear but turbid, there are dissolved impurities in the water. Avoid drinking such water and make sure to replace the water filtration system.  

The sediment filter becomes brownish

As the sediment filter fills with dirt and debris, it shows brownish scaling. You can quickly get the sediment filter out because it is situated outside the water filter. If the brown scaling is visible distinctly, it is the right time to replace it. Usually, the sediment filter needs to be replaced every 12 months. But a blanket statement cannot be given. If the water in your area is more polluted than others, it might need to be changed more frequently. 

High levels of rejected water

Some amount of water is discarded as ‘reject water’ by the RO filter during filtration. This amount is usually relatively small when the filters are new. However, with time, the amount of water rejected keeps increasing. But when the amount of rejected water starts to get suspiciously high, it is a signal for you to change your RO filter. 


Manufacturers usually give you a period after which a filter change is recommended. The time period for which a standard water purifier filter can last without decreasing filtration quality. It is a good idea to upgrade your water filter within the stipulated time. However, you must also watch for the signals mentioned earlier if your water purifier needs a filter change.

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By Arslan Shah

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