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Studying is tough. Studying is especially tough if you are living away from your parents or your home country. If you wish to pursue your college degree in an International University in a different country or a continent, your life will need some serious adjustments. First, you will have to finalize the student accommodation. Then you will have to check food expenses, commute, etc. Life in a different country also brings about distractions, which must be circumvented. Here are a few tips to help you focus on your study and keep procrastination to a minimum.

How to stay focused:

Find a suitable environment:

When you are looking at accommodation, if you choose to go for on-campus accommodation, you may land up in a student dorm. In a student dorm, there are many students packed in one room period. This environment is not suitable for standing. If you are serious about academics, you should either look at finding an apartment with a few roommates, or you can offer a studio apartment if you wish to live alone. However, whichever type of off-campus student accommodation you choose to get, make sure your study desk has a few necessary items.

  • The space on the desk should be enough for your laptop, book, stationery, etc.
  • If you need your computer for studying, you should have a power supply close by.
  • Look for a location that has the correct furniture to promote good posturing when you study for long periods.
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The environment:

Some people find it hard to study alone in their student accommodation. If you are someone with such problems, you can choose to go to the library or a coffee shop. If you do not have access to libraries or coffee shops, look for a space at your home which you can turn into your office. Remove the clutter and make sure that all the tools are organized.

If you live with noisy neighbors or roommates, you can focus on making noise-canceling music on your headphones like study music, white noise, etc. Alternatively, you can also use noise-canceling headphones.

Have a study ritual:

In order to keep the focus, you must have a routine. A routine will help you focus. A great idea would be to have a pre-study ritual. A pre-study ritual involves closing your door, cleaning your desk, grabbing all the items that you will need for your studies, putting on your headphones, creating A to-do list, etc. Give yourself 5 minutes to set up your desk the way you want and then begin studying. This pre-study action will not only motivate you to study but will also help your brain transition into a focused mode. Always start with the assignments which are most important or have a close deadline. Do not try to cram everything at the last minute. Always focus on your routine and make study a habit.

Use distracting apps, websites, etc., on your laptop and phone:

If you are a person who spends more time on social media than on studying, it needs to be rectified. You can download focus timers on your phone. These will not let you use your phone if the focus timer is on. Such apps are also available to use on your laptop.

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Space out the study sessions:

If you decide to finish all your courses in one day, it will be overwhelming, and you will not get anything done. Therefore, always divide your course into modules and give yourself a set period of time to finish the particular module. Remember to space out your sessions. Spaced sessions help memory retention.

Keep yourself organized:

The organization has a positive impact on focus. Whether you are living in an off-campus accommodation or not, keeping your room and study desk organized, having planners for your homework and assignment planning, and finally maintaining your To-Do List and crossing off each task once you finish. Keep your desk and study place organized.

Pomodoro technique:

The Pomodoro technique is perfect for dividing your study sessions into small bite-sized chunks. This way, you will get the work done without feeling overwhelmed or bogged down. According to the Pomodoro method, you work for 25 minutes on one task without any interruption. Once the 25 minutes are complete, you are free to take a 5 minutes break. Once your 5 minutes are up, you go back to work. You complete three cycles of 25 minutes before you take a long break.

When students go to another country to pursue their academics, they have the pressure of finding good student accommodations, focusing on their academics, student loans, part-time jobs, etc. They are also surrounded by many distractions. The above-mentioned tips will help students cut down the time spent on distractions and allocate more time to their studies.


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