Tips To Follow on Your Trip to Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia. It is a small place when compared to its neighboring places like Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Over the growing years, Bratislava has grown a lot and gained popularity among the European tourist route. It has a lot of things for you to do and places that you would enjoy to visit with the best offers.

When people are on the way to Bratislava, they take a tiny day trip to Vienna as well.

What is the best way to travel around Bratislava?

If you are based in the Centre of the city, you would not need to get public transport to explore central Bratislava. However, in case you want to get out of the old town and visit the new parts of this city or go to a tourist place like the museum, church, and castle then you can take the help of Nivy. It is a simple way to find out the timing of buses around and bus station close by for safe travel around.

You can find Alza in shopping centre Nivy, the transportation timing and important information you want to know about the bus, hotel and many more in just simple steps using your phone.

Where is Bratislava located?

This capital city of Slovakia stretches on both the banks of Danube. Bratislava is located in the extreme southwestern parts of the country at the border and has two neighboring counties Hungary and Australia.

Attractions of Bratislava:

Bratislava the beautiful city of Europe has its own unique story of the past. Make sure when you visit this place you go and see the most attractive tourist sites like:

Old town:

To blend yourself with the atmosphere of this city, you should hurry immediately towards the old Town Of Bratislava. This historic spot of the city is placed near the Saint Martin of Cathedral. The historical town of Bratislava is a couple of streets among which many are pedestrianized and great with the architectural masterpieces.

You will find many museums and historical buildings on this street. You will get a chance to encounter the famous fountain of Maximilian or Roland in this place that was built in the style of the Renaissance. On the side of the fountain, you will see the statue of the Knight Roland who was the defender of this beautiful city.

The Bratislava Castle:

This Bratislava castle is the most important structure in the entire city. It was constructed during the 19th century on the hill top which is above the Danube and where ever you stand in the city you will have a view of this beautifully constructed castle of Bratislava. The member of the Slovak Republic council meets each other for meeting here. The Bratislava Castle is the house of the Slovak National.

You can visit the castle and the historic museum of Bratislava as it is open to tourists and members of the city. With these tips you can have a safe and fun trip with your family.

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