Tips for Gardening at Home

Tips for Gardening at Home

Starting to build a Gardening at Home can be both exciting and daunting. It all starts with a sad patch of grass and as you keep growing, it transforms into a beautiful garden with flowers, fruit trees, veggie beds, raised beds, and garden art. If you are interested in lawn care consult with the team at Lilydale Instant lawn

Pick the right spot

It is always better to take small steps towards big wins. Pick a small space to start building your garden.
Ensure that the space you choose receives 5-6 hours of direct sunlight. Avoid a space that receives strong winds, it could knock over your young and budding plants. The wind will also keep pollinators from doing their job.
Lastly, think about the accessibility of your garden space for watering, picking, and caring for your plants. As they say, out of sight often equals out of mind.

Pick a type

Once you identify the right spot for your garden, the next step in your journey to Gardening at Home is choosing what type of garden you want.
Will it be a beautiful sea full of flowers, a gorgeous spread of herbs, a kitchen garden for the budding chef in you, or a nutritious vegetable garden to keep you fit and healthy? No matter what you choose, take small steps to paint the picture of your perfect garden.
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Work on the soil

Plants always benefit from nutrient-rich gardening soil. Take your first step by examining the texture of your soil, it should be easily shoveled and crumble in your hands.
If your soil is hard and the texture is clay-like, it will be difficult for all the plants to grow their roots. If you have rocky soil, till the soil and remove the rocks.

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Improving the quality of the soil is not as hard a task as you think, it comes with great benefits. Add organic compost made of tea compost, vegetable peels, to your soil to improve its quality.
Once you’re done with the planning, decide on the type and the size of the garden beds. Raised beds are attractive to look at and raised beds make it easier for you to work in your garden.

Gardening bed

Gardening in blocks or beds is more convenient than gardening in single rows. Beds should be 3-4 feet across, narrow enough for you to reach the center from either side. Beds should be about 8-10 feet long, so you can easily move around without stepping on the planting area.

Start small and give each plant its own space to grow. The seeds and transplants are small but fully-grown plants can get big, making the area overcrowded, making it difficult for the plants to thrive.

Within the garden beds, place your greens in rows or a grid pattern. The goal is to minimize walkways and maximize the growing space. You also save time and money by only adding fertilizer and soil amendments to the planting area.

Plant With Care

Once you’re done with the groundwork, you need to jump in and start planting. Most of our seed packets come with basic planting instructions. Give it a try and you’ll master the art of planting as you go.


Proper maintenance of your plants is the greatest and the most rewarding thing you can give your garden. Make some time to deadhead, weed, prune, and tidy up your garden. If you notice stunted growth, check what’s going on with the roots of the plant by carefully examining and digging around the underlying soil. Get rid of the pests and diseases by taking the right measures. Water your plants regularly and feed them with nutrients every once in a while.
So, there we have it, starting a garden is not as scary as it seems. Even if you are a Gardening at Home expert, you will be able to enjoy a blooming garden year after year as long as you plan ahead, choose your plants carefully, and give your soil a nutritious boost. Buy seeds online and get your hands dirty!

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