The editorial plan is a fundamental aspect for the success of an online presence, but also for the correct use of social media by a company.

The social publishing plan for companies

Publishing content online, for business reasons or to improve your personal branding, is an exercise in discipline and organization. It is not enough to identify ideal themes and topics, create posts with beautiful images and publish them, but we must also think about how to retain the reader and maximize the effectiveness of the contents. In short, it is necessary to have a strategy and create an editorial plan that provides for the correct distribution of the topics.

What are the rules to follow in an effective editorial plan?

  • Define your goals : why do you have a blog? What result do you want to achieve with the content?
  • Combining web and social media : the website is the place that hosts our content, but social media are the channels that give them visibility and that can trigger the interest of new customers
  • Choosing the right themes : this is the most complex aspect, because you need to translate the brand’s values ​​and mission into concrete and make them interesting for users. Warning: you have to decide how long the contents will be and define a coherent tone of voice
  • Choose the right authors : within a company it is ideal to give a voice and more people, both to create greater variety in terms of themes, and to convey the “human” dimension behind the brand and give visibility to people who, every day, with their work, they make the company.
  • Know your target : for which type of users do we produce our content?
  • Measure everything : You need to be able to measure the effectiveness of your content both on the website and on social media

What is the editorial plan?

The editorial plan is an orderly reorganization of themes , people and content promotion. It will therefore be defined who writes what, when this something is published and on which channels it is proposed, all based on the different objectives.
This will allow you to set delivery times and prepare any support materials (images, videos, etc.) created ad hoc.
It will also allow you to prepare tests to use for sharing blog content on social media.

Promotion with social media

Social media is by nature fast means, so content has a short life cycle. This is why it makes sense to plan more than one relaunch of the different blog posts, thus helping to “extend their life” and experimenting, through different time slots per channel, which ones are more effective based on the content.
Social media are an excellent tool both to give visibility and disseminate your content and to understand its effective reception by our networks of contacts. In fact, it is essential to keep track of web data that must be combined with data from social channels to improve your strategies.

How is an editorial plan concretely implemented?

  • Reuse what works : which themes have found the most interest? Is it possible to draw from it a thematic strand and therefore of the columns that retain users?
  • Think from the point of view of A / B testing : when you are not sure of the effectiveness of a content it is advisable to try to change the theme or modify the methods and times of sharing them on social media
  • Analyze which formats work best for your content – are posts with only text and images effective enough? Or do photo galleries work better? What kind of attention do video posts get?

The engagement data of the social media posts and the comments received are useful information to design and evaluate the effectiveness of your editorial plan, as long as you keep in mind one last rule, the most important: there are no perfect and prepackaged plans. The goal of every online action must be to create a community, that is, to be open and available for dialogue and discussion but also to learn from one’s audience, creating value for its members and demonstrating, for example, to be receptive to their interests.

We plan by putting in place the best authors with the best possible content to convey the values ​​of the brand, but always respecting and listening to the community to which the contents of our editorial plan will be addressed.

By Arslan Shah

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