Tier 5 Visa UK- Apply for temporary work visa

Tier 5 UK Visa

Temporary Work – International Agreement (formerly known as TIER 5 International Agreement)

The temporary work visa is known as Tier 5 UK visa. Temporary workers of the points-based system allow young foreign nationals to live and experience the cultural aspects of the UK and allows workers to work for short periods or temporary jobs throughout the UK and is composed of two major categories that are The Youth Mobility Scheme and the Temporary Worker category, which includes six sub-categories that are described in the following:

  • Youth Mobility

list Of Temporary Workers

  • Temporary worker – creative (formerly called sports and creative)
  • A Temporary worker, seasonal worker
  • Volunteers / temporary workers – Charity worker
  • Religious workers on a temporary basis
  •  government-approved exchange
  • Temporary worker – International agreement

Temporary Workers – International Agreement

It includes: General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) or other international agreements, employees of a foreign government and international organizations and

  • Private servants employed by diplomatic families
  • employees of an overseas government, or an international organization
  • contractual service suppliers
  • Independent professionals who provide services

The last two categories relate to people who reside abroad, but who are visiting Britain for a short-term assignment. The UK for a brief to long-term professional service assignment in a British firm.

The range of services includes midwifery to auditing, however, whether a specific country is eligible to offer a particular service is contingent upon whether there’s a service agreement in place with the UK and the country in question. Annexe IAW1 of the guideline regarding the sponsorship of the creation of an International Agreement Worker contains tables detailing the treaties that are available and the services they cover.

The maximum duration of stay is 12 months, or the length of the contract, or shorter.

A. Requirements

(i) General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)

The applicant is require to be employe by the sponsor of a country that is a member of the World Trade Organisation (WHO) and has sign the agreement or has signed a bilateral agreement to the UK. The applicant should work in a position that meets the requirements of the international agreement.  Employers who sponsor applicants in this category are require to sign a document of sponsorship, which outlines these terms.

(ii) Employees of Overseas Governments and International Organisations

The applicant is require to sign an employment contract with the government of the country or an international organization. The applicant will not have any job for the sponsor outside of the one specified in the sponsorship certificate and must not plan to shift to a new type of worker in the international agreement scheme prior to entering the UK.

Employers that sponsor applicants who fall under this category will have to provide proof of sponsorship that satisfies these terms. For further detail visit immigration solicitors near me.

B. Points Assessment

Candidates must meet the requirements of a points test as well as maintenance requirements in the scheme. A total score of forty points is require for applicants to be able to complete an application in this scheme. Temporary Worker scheme.

Points are award according to the following categories:

(i) Certificate of Sponsorship 30 points in order to earn points in this section, it’s essential that applicants are possessing an authentic certification of sponsorship issued by their sponsor.

(ii) Maintenance (Funds) To earn points in the section, candidates be require to prove they have enough funds to sustain themselves for all the time they are in the UK.

The obligation is to show that you can demonstrate:

  • At a minimum, PS1,270 in personal savings that are in the applicant’s bank account for a minimum of three months preceding the time of application, plus PS285 to be used for the spouse (partner) dependent plus PS315 for the primary dependent child and PS200 for every other dependent child OR
  • A-rated sponsors guarantee the applicant’s continued maintenance on the sponsorship certificate. (Please keep in mind that the sponsor is not able to verify maintenance for dependants who are accompanying them).

C. Visa Validity and Extension

The applicants who qualify in those in the International Agreement category will be grant entry clearance for a maximum time of two years or for the duration that they are engage for plus fourteen days if it is less. If they are not an employee of a foreign government or private servants working in a diplomatic household, where entry clearance is granted for a maximum duration of six years.

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