THOMAS SABO Apple and Snake Collection

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Founded in 1984 by Thomas Sabo in Bavaria, THOMAS SABO has been a family run business ever since. The business has gone onto become internationally famous for its hand finished creations and exquisite silver jewellery. With 190 THOMAS SABO stores across 29 different countries and more than 2100 selected jewellers, including T. H. Baker and The Jewel Hut stocking their items, the brand has definitely established itself worldwide.

The creation of every piece of THOMAS SABO jewellery is done to the very highest of standards with their own hallmark guaranteeing the purity of materials used to create each individual piece of jewellery. Made with 925 Sterling Silver, their jewellery showcases self confident designs created by Thomas Sabo himself and then crafted with artisanal perfection.

With plenty of collections to choose from it’ll be easy to find the right piece of THOMAS SABO jewellery for you or your loved ones. The Apple and Snake collection combines symbolic designs with gracefully crafted pieces of jewellery adorned with different gemstones to provide an alluring appeal to each individual piece.

Representing temptation like the apple the snake tempted Eve with, in the Bible, the Apple and Snake collection is all about temptations and seduction. There are many symbolic powers behind this collection put together into stunning mystical filigree designs.It’s all about letting yourself be tempting into THOMAS SABO jewellery and expressing your inner seductive side through this collection of intricately designed snake and apple motifs. There are also other elements within the collection that will help the wearer to explore their beauty, luck and power.

If you want to gift the perfect piece of jewellery, then THOMAS SABO jewellery is the ideal item. Whether you’re looking to be bold with statement ear cuffs, an exquisite filigree friendship bracelet that holds symbolic messages or just a simple THOMAS SABO Charm bracelet to help remember those special moments, THOMAS SABO have it all in perfect Sterling Silver.

Nothing says you care more than gifting something with true sentimental value and meaning. Gifting a piece of jewellery doesn’t just have to be from you to them, it’s also important to spoil yourself. Sometimes acknowledging when you need to add a bit of positivity and connect to the earth through your own happiness is just as important as providing it to others.

To shop the latest Apple and Snake collection by THOMAS SABO, head online to The Jewel Hut and get into touch with all things seductive through the perfect piece of jewellery for him. You can find all THOMAS SABO jewellery on our website or in selected stores, see our website to find out where you can view our collection of THOMAS SABO jewellery. To shop the latest collections from THOMAS SABO, visit one of our selected stores stocking their beautiful range or visit either The Jewel Hut or T. H. Baker and treat yourself or a loved one to a stunning handcrafted piece of THOMAS SABO jewellery today. Your ideal piece of jewellery is just a moment away.

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