The Unmatchable Pakistani Dresses USA, Europe, and Worldwide

What could be the best way of showing your connection with your country than owning their styles, fashion, and ethnicity? Pakistan is a country full of traditions and culture, keeping a strong bond with its roots, the people of Pakistan are always enthusiastic about cultural representation. 

Pakistani dresses have always gained praise internationally because of their traditional embroideries and creative styles. No matter, if we bring them from our local workers or designer wear with some trendy fusion, they always end up as a hit.

The International Vendor:

As discussed above, our dresses are love and are order by many of the internationally settle Pakistanis. This is another way of giving a boost to our fashion industry. There are many vendors who work for Pakistani dresses for USA customers e.g LAAM. They have created a platform through which they purchase Pakistani clothes and sell Pakistani dresses in the USA and other parts of the world. Top designer wear, as well as embroider Multani suits, Sindhi ajrak, Balochi mirror work dresses, and many more, are sold internationally by these vendors. 

Famous Pakistani Brands Going International:

We are proud to see our brands going international all because of their unique and tasteful designs. The amazing work by our renowned brands has always been the preferred go-to store to shop desi attire internationally. We can see a lot of Pakistani dresses USA and other countries-based stores. A few which make us proud are list below

  • Khaadi– Established its first international store in the year 2010 after gaining popularity in Pakistan.
  • Amir Adnan- It is Pakistan’s first internationally recognize brand.
  • GulAhmed-  It was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange in the year 1972 and later make its way internationally.
  • ChenOne-One of the leading Home and clothing brands in Pakistan, Works in exclusive furniture and home decor as well.
  • J.Junaid Jamshed- Established in the year 2002 and expanded its clothing line by opening 20+ outlets in New Zealand, the UK, UAE, and worldwide.
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Getting recognition internationally not only makes the brand famous amongst the Pakistanis being settle there but also among the people of UAE, Australia, Canada, Europe, and the USA where these huge stores are locate and have all the things to make everyone fall in love with their collection at first sight. Not only the brands are making way for our dresses, but our jewelry and other traditional wearables are also being sold at Pakistani dresses USA-based, Europe-based, and UAE local shops.
As a result, Pakistani individuals living in America can simply adopt Pakistani fashion whenever they want because our online store ships to the United States on schedule and without any delays. We created our platform to support Asians who are far from home and want to maintain their cultural identity by dressing in their traditional garb while travelling.

LAAM Shipping Internationally: is a Pakistani fashion e-store that serves the best designer wear and other accessories for men, women, and kids. offers a wide range of products facilitating its customers with worldwide shipping. Now, you can shop from and get your dresses at your doorstep.

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