The Significance of Tyres on Your Car Performance

Car Tyres

Different tyres have different specifications. That is why it is important to know the size of the tyre to maintain it properly. The size of the tyre is mentioned on the sidewall of the tyre. You can learn the meaning of each marking by heart. Still, one can’t crack it in one go.

Know Your Tyre

To protect your tyre, you need to know a bit about it. Cheap Tyres Reading ensures the safety of your vehicle and your family. Hence, they allow you to enjoy your journey. If you know how to read a tyre you can check the alignment of the tyres. The misalignment of the tyres can result in discomfort like jumping or vibrating. Furthermore, it can lead to bigger accidents. For a car to perform efficiently, the tyres must be correctly aligned. Even a single misaligned tyre can be hazardous. 

In addition to the alignment, tyre reading also helps you boost the longevity and performance of the tyre. Proper alignment offers you a comfortable and smooth ride. The alignment has its benefits. 

  • Fuel Consumption

Even with a single misaligned tyre, it is hard wheels to roll. Instead of that, the tyres drags because of which it puts pressure on the engine. Therefore, the vehicle consumes more fuel, and you end up spending more than the usual gas expenditure. 

  • Smooth Ride

The aligned tyres eliminate the possibility of bumpy and jarring rides. The alignment helps to make the driving experience smooth as butter. 

  • Steer Handling

When the tyres are misaligned, the steering tends to incline in one direction. It is difficult to handle the steering with misaligned tyres. It can result in you losing control of the vehicle and ending up in unfortunate situations.

  • Increased Lifeline of Tyres

Misaligned tyres not only can damage your vehicle but also reduce the age of the tyre. To avoid misalignment of tyres, you should read your tyres.

How to Read Your Tyre

Measurement of the tyre is essential when it comes to the replacement of the tyre. Sidewalls of the tyre contain the size of the tyre. A tyre needs to be the exact size as the manufacturer has mentioned. Although, people like to purchase bigger sizes than the original to give a robust look to their car. What they don’t know is that doing this puts a bad impact on their car. They won’t see it immediately but in long term. Get your Michelin Tyres Reading today. Moreover, the sequence markings on the tyre tell us about the different measurements and structure of the tyre which is essential. 

For an instance, the tyre has a sequence 195/50 R 16 87V

  • Application

Application is the usage of the car. P stands for passenger car tyres.

  • Section Width

Second, comes the measurement of the sidewall known as the width of the tyre. Which is measured in mm. Therefore, here the section width is 195mm

  • Aspect Ratio

The ratio of height to the width of the tyre is its aspect ratio. Therefore, 50 means the height is 50%of the section width of the tyre.

  • Construction

R means the tyre has radial composition. Besides radial construction, there are other kinds of constructions are bias-ply construction and diagonal construction. Which is denoted by B and D respectively.

  • Rim Diameter

The inside diameter of the tyre or the rim height is measured in inches. Therefore, the rim diameter here is 16inches. 

  • Load Index

The maximum capacity of weight that a tyre can bear is called its load index. It comes in the sequence next to the rim diameter. that means the load index of the tyre here is 95, then the maximum weight this tyre can carry is up to 960kg weight.

  • Speed Rating

The maximum speed at which a tyre can sustain is the speed rating of the tyre. Although there is no correct way to tell the exact speed rating of a tyre. But they are the average speed experienced. The different letter denotes different speed rating.

Apart from the sequence, the tyre has some extra marking to tell us more about the tyre like:

  • DOT

DOT stands for the department of transport. But the Dot marking the tyre means the authority has approved the vehicle and complaint with the department of transportation motor vehicle safety.

  • Directional Arrows

The directional arrows help to identify the direction of tyre fitting. Because of the different kinds of tread patterns, different tyres need different fitting. 

  • The Week and Year of Manufacture

You should never buy a tyre that is older than 6 months. That is why the week and year of the tyre are also mentioned on the sidewalls of the tyre to tell you the age of the tyre.

  • Approval Signature

The authority approves the tyre and gives approval signature that the tyre is compliant with regulation.

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