The Scrum Master’s Guide

It is your job as a leader to make sure the teams deliver products in a short timeframe, enabling quick feedback and improved processes. It is also your job to manage change quickly to ensure that the products you deliver achieve the most value. If this seems familiar, you have already taken the first steps towards developing into a Certified Scrum Master. Scrum Mastering is not difficult, but leading your team beneath Scrum principles requires commitment, focus, and courage. Understanding all the advanced CSM learning objectives  training is one of the benefits of becoming a CSM ®.

What is the Certified Scrum Master Course?

In order to become a Certified Scrum Trainer, you must attend a two-day in-person course. Course content provides a foundation for understanding the Scrum framework and preparing you for the Scrum Master role. By participating in exercises, discussions, and case studies based on real-life experience, you will learn about Agile, Scrum Events, Scrum Artifacts, and Scrum Roles.

The Scrum Alliance will certify you as a Scrum Master after you complete the course, pending the results of your CSM exam. During the Certified Scrum Master course, you will also receive a two-year membership to the Scrum Alliance. This will give you exclusive access to valuable materials and resources.

What is the Certified Scrum Master?

Scrum Masters are essential to the success of any rapidly growing organization. Being a Certified Scrum Master will enable you to effectively manage the team and improve your chances of success. In his role as a team member, the Scrum Master helps the team accomplish within the Scrum framework as a “servant leader”. A Scrum Master helps teams find ways to work together and protects them from diversions that could cause them to lose focus. Furthermore, being a CSM opens you up to a variety of job opportunities which is a great way to connect with fellow Scrum professionals.

What is the Value of CSM?

CSM certification can be beneficial to your organization, as well as to you personally. The benefit of improving team management, collaboration, and performance is ensuring that work progresses smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, it ensures that Scrum is applied consistently and correctly and that everyone understands the framework. The CSM Certification In Miami also boosts careers and opens up opportunities for professional growth and development.

Furthermore, you will receive a two-year membership to the Scrum Alliance after completing all the steps and becoming a CSM. You will also have access to local user groups, online social networks, plus discounts on events.

How do you become the Certified Scrum Master?

To become a  Certified ScrumMaster, you must complete the following three steps:

Step 1:

Get familiar with the Scrum and accomplish the prerequisites before enrolling in the CSM course.

Step 2:

An approved Scrum Trainer should lead the course.

Step 3:

You must correctly answer at least 37 of  50 questions in order to pass the CSM exam.

CSM training

The CSM exam may only be taken after a candidate attends a two-day (16 hour) CSM course taught by a  Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). You can find Scrum Alliance course listings on the Scrum Alliance course search page. CSTs are the only trainers who are approved to prepare you for the exam. The program offers both online and in-person options with CSTs across the globe. Currently, there are no self-paced training options.

A CSM certification course should cover Scrum principles, the Scrum framework, definitions, how to run a Scrum project, how to manage teams, how to incorporate Scrum in your organization, and what roles are involved in Scrum. You should be able to understand the following after you have completed your training:

  • Scrum rules and foundations.
  • A guide for Scrum masters working with Scrum teams and stakeholders.
  • A servant-leadership approach.
  • How to use Scrum effectively.
  • How to use Scrum more effectively in your organization.

Your instructor will create an account for you when your training is complete in order to allow you access to the CSM exam testing site.

Certified Scrum Master Exam: What is it?

CSM is a multiple-choice test containing 35 questions on the web. In order to qualify and receive your certification, you must answer a minimum of 24 questions correctly. It’s your ability to decide when to take this CSM test, but you must do so after you’ve completed the course. You are allowed to take the Scrum Alliance certification test two times for free. Each time you fail again, you will be asked some amount of fee. The correct answers will not be shown to you, however, you can view the questions you have answered incorrectly. As well as researching any questions you missed, you should make sure to maintain good study habits. By conducting research, you will be able to achieve the best result on your Scrum Master Certification examination.

What is the time required to achieve the Scrum Master?

In order to become a CSM, you have to complete a 16-hour course. Besides the two days of training, a lot of people have to spend time studying. It’s important to review the prerequisite materials before enrolling in the course to ensure you are well prepared. The online CSM exam must be taken after you complete the course. It may be helpful to study the course materials and notes before you sit for the exam, regardless of the fact that the course provides you with the knowledge and tools you need. In some cases, certification can take a few weeks or even months, depending on the availability of courses. So plan ahead. It takes time and effort to become a Scrum Master, but the journey is well worth your time and effort.

What is the price of the CSM Certification?

You will receive a Scrum Alliance introduction email after you enroll in a  2-day course, which includes two free CSM examination opportunities. After passing the CSM exam, you will become the Certified Scrum Master. If this doesn’t work well and you are unsuccessful in both attempts within this period, a $25 fee will apply per attempt. It is recommended that you renew a professional certification every two years. Scrum Alliance requires 20 SEUs to renew the certification of each CSM. There is a fee of $100 for this.

What is the salary of the Certified Scrum Master?

There is definitely a growing demand for Scrum Masters! The latest report from Glassdoor found that the average salary for a Certified Scrum Master in America is $98,000. According to LinkedIn, a Scrum Master is one of the top 10 most promising jobs with a 67% growth rate from 2016 to 2017. This industry seems to offer some great opportunities and is worth exploring.



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