The Rise Of Instagram And What It Can Do For Your Business

Instagram growth.

Since 2010, Instagram has proven itself to be the fastest-growing social media platform! It has a base of about 300 million users and is set to grow continuously. So why is this seemingly simple app growing so fast? However it all depends on the actual creation, Instagram has found new ways to share content across its platform and make users see it seamlessly. For example, Instagram stories were introduced to compete with Snapchat, allowing users to submit missing photos or videos. Picuki is also a trendy tool/addon for Instagram for exploring Instagram profiles, stories, hashtags, and much more you can read a complete blog post about Picuki at

Sounds easy right? That’s right because that’s right. Instagram is now very powerful for all its users who may have been using Snapchat in line with its app, reducing the need to use both and streaming these users to their services.

This aggressive strategy has paid off as Instagram has passed Snapchat to users. Instagram News also encourages more content sharing and gives it a chat feature in its app, allowing it to compete with all other direct messaging forums. A new design like this is the reason for the sudden growth of Instagram.

What is this so?

Instagram is an excellent app for sharing content through visual images. Its audience is small, educated, and passionate about shopping. This makes the content creative, enjoyable, and fast-moving. It has a different feel to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which focus on viewing instead of words. However, research has shown that, like Facebook, used daily, this makes the user base more reliable and efficient.

This ability to capture a smarter audience is ringing in the ears of big companies who want to advertise on social media. With high usage, there will certainly be additional interest in advertising the app. However, the competition will be mature and businesses will need to find creative ways to compete with their competitors in the visible world of communication.

How can you use it for marketing?

Of course, if you wish to use this to market your company or product, then one has to consider how. This is a visual platform so products are often easy to market those services. But services are not possible to promote in the app, finding fun ways to make your service life will catch the eye of the Instagram user.

Hashtags are frequently used on Instagram and logging into trends or starting your own is a sure way to engage an audience, just like Twitter. However, one should be careful to match the hashtag with the visual content it provides, so it is not as easy as other apps that use this method.

Instagram is a very mobile app, so content should be easy to read and continuously updated to get mobile data, a hungry population. Only new and fresh content will draw your attention.

Lastly, Instagram news is a great way to engage with your audience, which lasts only 24 hours. News should be used to keep potential customers updated daily on your business and expose content outside the scenes to make the user feel part of the company.

Instagram can be used to market just about anything, in the sense of composition and a dedicated team, you can create the sound around your product!

The future

With a small, educated audience running the app on their mobile phones every day, one can only predict the steady growth and reliability of its users. The Best converter & downloader for Youtube is Y2mate com. There will be a growing opportunity to use this app for business purposes and advice from this author to get in the heat! It will be big so enter the market before it gets too crowded.

By Emily Watson

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