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The Jaisalmer Desert safari is a top attraction for tourists to this golden city in Rajasthan. In addition to experiencing Rajasthani grandeur, you may take camel rides through sand dunes that are moving in all directions. A trip here will give you several once-in-a-lifetime experiences, such as sleeping in comfortable tents located in the middle of nowhere and taking in panoramic views of the setting sun.

A wide range of heart-pounding activities are available for you to try out in addition to these experiences. The much-needed jolt of adrenaline will be given to you here, whether it is while parasailing through the air or experiencing the thrill of dune bashing.

The desert safari in Jaisalmer in the sand The Thar Desert has several popular attractions, but Jaisalmer is one of the most popular. You have a wide range of safari alternatives to pick from, such as riding a camel and navigating the dunes in style or riding some animals and driving through the desert in air-conditioned cars. These safaris can be tailored to meet your needs and preferences within a time frame that might range from 30 minutes to several hours.

What kinds of desert safaris are there to choose from in Jaisalmer?

In Jaisalmer, there are many different types of desert safaris to choose from. Some of them consist of:

Desert Camp Safari:

The Desert Camp Safari is one of the most popular and well-liked safari options in Jaisalmer. This one allows you to experience authentic Rajasthani experiences in addition to thrilling safaris and camping in a tent.

This Jaisalmer Desert safari is significantly more enjoyable and thrilling than any other type of safari, including staying in modest tents outfitted with all necessary conveniences and enjoying local folk music nights.

This comprises lodging at a specified location with amenities including on-site dining, air-conditioned accommodations, and access to freshwater. Anyone can enjoy a Desert Camp Safari, whether they are travelling with family or seeking some peace & quiet outside of the city.

Half-Day Desert Safari:

Unlike other Jaisalmer desert safaris, this one involves more than just travelling through the desert and over sand dunes. You can explore a number of well-known city landmarks and tourist attractions during this kind of desert safari.

Since the journey takes up half a day, you can sample regional foods as you go from one location to another.

The safari you take depends on the package you select. You can choose to take a hassle-free tour by choosing an SUV or a Thar, or you can embark on a camel safari to add the much-needed thrill to your trip.

Camel Safari:

The Thar Desert is one of India’s most well-known locations where you can fully enjoy the Camel Safari. You can get the peace and tranquilly you need while on vacation by strolling over sand dunes and taking in the brilliant sunset.

When visiting Jaisalmer, you can indulge in a wonderful camel ride and an unforgettable desert safari.

There are three places where you may go on a thrilling camel safari, with the Sam Sand Dunes being the most well-known. The Khuri Sand Dunes is the other, where you can also take a staycation. Just 5 kilometres from the city centre, in a place known as Lodhruva Sand Dunes, is another place where Jaisalmer Desert Safari may be enjoyed.

Jeep/Car Safari:

The activity that draws throngs of tourists from all over the world is riding the daring beasts and tearing through the beast. You get to view scenes and natural vistas that are somewhat comparable to those you might see on a camel safari.

Where in Jaisalmer can I go on a desert safari?

In Jaisalmer, you can go on a desert safari in some well-known places, such as:

Sam Sand Dunes:

The Sam Sand Dunes take their name from one of Jaisalmer’s most well-known sand dunes and draw huge crowds there. This location, which is mostly popular for taking part in a Jaisalmer Desert Safari, is home to a number of large, stylish, opulent, affordable resorts that could provide you the best staycation of your life.

Sam Sand Dunes, which are 40 KM from Jaisermer’s city centre, are a popular destination for tourists since it offers a wide range of leisure and entertainment opportunities. From taking in cultural performances to dining on traditional Rajasthani fare,

Khuri Sand Dunes:

The Thar Desert is home to a number of stunning locales that provide people with the ideal setting for an exhilarating desert safari. The Sand Dunes of Khuri are one such stunning place.

The Khuri Sand Dunes are known for being less populated and providing much-needed crowd-free tours and adventures to the public. They are located 50 KM from the south western part of Jaisalmer.

These sand dunes, which draw tourists from all over the world, are renowned for providing the second-best Jaisalmer Desert safari. You may try your hand at a variety of thrilling adventures here, from camel riding to dune bashing. Khuri Sand Dunes are also home to a number of resorts in addition to the activities.

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