The Global Market For Empty Pill Capsules


The global market for empty pill capsules is expected to reach US$ 2.1 Bn by 2022. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8% during the period from 2022 to 2026, mainly due to rising drug consumption and growing awareness about the benefits of pills. Rising prevalence of chronic diseases and increasing awareness among consumers are some of the other factors that are expected to drive market growth. However, there are some important things to be considered while purchasing empty pill capsules.

There are two main methods for filling capsules. The first is by hand, in which the person fills the capsule by dipping it into a liquid substance. It is recommended to store empty capsules away from extreme temperatures, as liquid will cause them to dissolve. Moreover, capsules made of gelatin are allergen-free and guaranteed to dissolve in the body within a short period of time. They are also certified Kosher and Halal.

The demand for encapsulated capsules is likely to increase, particularly in developing countries. In the United States, the market is expected to grow at the fastest rate during the forecast period, mainly due to the growing preference of vegetarians. Further, the market for vegetarian empty capsules is expected to increase at a steady pace in the coming years, thanks to the introduction of LYCAGEL pea starch technology by Roquette. In Europe, the market for vegetarian empty capsules is expected to expand at a moderate pace during the forecast period, largely due to the growing popularity of encapsulated products in these regions. Shop gelatin capsules now from Capsule Supplies. 

Whether you need an empty pill capsule for oral intake or as a packaging material, Lonza’s Coni-Snap(r) is the world’s leader in the manufacturing of hard gelatin capsules. Their diverse portfolio includes many different sizes and designs, enabling you to find the right product to fit your needs. The company also has proprietary technologies and processes that ensure the highest quality standards for its capsules.

Moreover, these capsules are a convenient way to take your medication. You can take them anytime and anywhere, as they come in convenient and easy-to-use forms. In addition to the convenience of taking pills, capsules also offer precise dosing. Many non-cannabis medications are also housed in convenient and attractive pill capsules. Similarly, you can buy cough medicines in convenient pill capsules. With the development of technology, these products are easily available to consumers.

Unlike the usual gelatin capsules, vegan and vegetarian ones do not contain animal collagen. They are made of plant cellulose, while gelatin-free capsules contain no gelatin. While vegan and vegetarian capsules form a smaller portion of the global market, both types are highly valued by consumers. They serve niche segments. It is possible to find empty capsules that meet the requirements of vegetarian and vegan consumers. If you do not, you can always find vegan and vegetarian capsules.

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