The Best Restaurants in Seychelles, You Should Be Visiting


Did you know that Seychelles is one of the top diving destinations in the world but also has several world-class restaurants and hotels?

The internet is full of restaurants in Seychelles. And it can be hard to know which ones have the best food, service, and offers. Are you stuck for ideas for a get-together with family and friends? When it comes to selecting a restaurant for your group, it is important to ensure that the experience you plan on having is as good as possible.

Well, if you want to enjoy this beautiful island in style, here are the top best restaurants in Seychelles.

Eden at STORY Seychelles

Located directly on the stunning Beau Vallon Beach, the location is unquestionably five stars. You can transition from the pool to the ocean in under a minute.

Eden is a center for culinary pleasures, tucked away between the ocean and the lush foliage of the gardens. One of the best restaurants in Seychelles, Eden offers mouthwatering fresh seafood with a creole influence as well as prime pieces of meat from the BBQ. It is both romantic and authentic.

Enjoy cocktails and canapés while watching the sunset at The Eden. Every meal is yours to savor at these fine dining establishments in STORY Seychelles, and every mouthful is intended to inspire. The chefs at Eden spend time honing traditional recipes while experimenting with fresh methods and global ingredients. 

Paris Seychelles Restaurant at Fisherman cove Resort

The a-la-carte restaurant offers a unique take on the gastronomic tradition by fusing French and Creole cuisine with Seychelles’ extensive culinary heritage, which draws on both African and Asian influences.

Eating here is a singular adventure of discovery, with dining under the stars, beautiful views, and the sounds of the Indian Ocean waves. Located on the charming pontoon of the resort. It is among the best fine dining establishments in Seychelles.

Seyshima at STORY Seychelles

Seyshima is a place that exudes Asian refinement and is famed for its mouthwatering array of sushi on a floating restaurant over a natural lagoon. The name Seyshima is formed from the terms “Sey” for Seychelles and “Shima” — the Japanese word for island.

For many years it is considered the best dining venue in Seychelles for Japanese cuisine.

Do not forget to try the resort’s signature Seyshima cocktail.

Every meal is an opportunity for you to savor a favorite or try something new while taking advantage of the best of Seychelles’ fine dining scene, which is located at STORY Seychelles from opulent buffet breakfasts at Vasco’s to teppanyaki shows at the legendary Seyshima.

CAFÉ LAZARE at Kempinski Seychelles 

The best place for casual dining at Kempinski Seychelles Resort is Café Lazare, where you may start your day in elegance.

Café Lazare, which takes its name from the illustrious French explorer Le Capitaine Lazare Picaut, serves a variety of meals, including foreign buffet dinners and nutritious breakfast options. Even if you’re not hungry, it’s a terrific spot to stop for a quick cup of coffee.

When staying in Seychelles, there are many different breakfast selections available at the buffet breakfast at the Café Lazare of the Kempinski Seychelles Resort. A fantastic approach to experiencing the various international cuisines available at the Kempinski Seychelles Resort is to have a healthy breakfast, followed by a day of relaxation, and then return to the restaurant for an international buffet dinner.

TÊTE-À-TÊTE at STORY Seychelles

This innovative dining idea will help you make lifelong experiences because it is more than simply a restaurant. You can unwind in complete isolation at a candle-lit table on the beach, under a canopy of stars, and take in the calming sounds of the waves while their well-trained team crafts an amazing experience after meeting with the Executive Chef to discuss your custom meal.

 To guarantee a genuinely customized experience at this best restaurant in Mahe, Seychelles, advanced reservations are strongly advised. 

It is considered a private venue for a romantic evening with your loved ones.

Le Cardinal Restaurant at fisherman cove resort 

An incredible chance to be revitalized by the modern flavors and stunning presentations of the carefully selected dishes at Le Cardinal Restaurant Seychelles. Mornings with a magnificent view of the ocean take on a new perspective thanks to the daily buffet breakfast. 

Enjoy mouthwatering meals every morning from 7 to 10:30 and every evening from 19 to 22:30 in a wonderful setting with breathtaking views.

Final words 

Seychelles restaurants are a great way to experience the island’s rich culture and heritage. The spices, flavors, and unique dishes in each restaurant will make a trip to Seychelles more memorable than any other. From Creole-inspired cuisine to African specialties, there is something for everyone on our list of the top restaurants in Seychelles.

Avoid the tourist traps of Victoria and enjoy a real Seychellois dining experience. The restaurants reviewed here cover all the taste bases: enjoy a good steak, dine on authentic Creole dishes, and sample some great Japanese food while I show you where to find the best dining in Seychelles.

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