The Best Comfort Food Items to Order at Cracker Barrel

It’s hard to describe what comfort food really is. For most people, it’s like art: you’ll know it when you see it.

Basically, it’s that type of familiar food you crave when you’re feeling down, sad, or just plain tired. Comfort food will then just make you feel a lot better. It’s often simple and comfortingly familiar, and you just relax as you enjoy it.

So, when you’re at Cracker Barrel and in need of comfort food, here are the items you should order. Any one of these will do just fine!

Pecan Pancakes

You can get pancakes for around 10 dollars at Cracker Barrel, and all the pancake options are worth every cent. They’re so good that Cracker Barrel sells the mixes for household kitchens, and they’re selling like, well, hotcakes.

It’s perfectly alright if you order the basic buttermilk pancakes, since they’re just awesome. But when you have them filled with the crunchy and oh-so-tasty pecans, and then doused with lots of maple syrup and heaven, it’s enough to keep away the blues. After this, everything seems fine with the world again.

Macaroni n’ Cheese

No list of comfort foods will be complete without the mac and cheese. That’s just a given. But not all mac and cheese options are the same across the fast-food industry. Fortunately, if you’re at Cracker Barrel then you’re getting one of the better ones.

It sure tastes homemade, unlike the others that taste like they came out in a box. The melty cheese is just ample, so much so that it can even qualify as indulgent. But if you’re in need of comfort food, then this one surely qualifies as well.

Chicken Fried Chicken

Cracker Barrel offers Southern fare, so obviously it has lots of different fried chicken options. But the chicken fried chicken is truly a delight, with the deep-fried chicken and the signature sawmill gravy.

What does it mean that the chicken is chicken-fried? It’s named that way because there are eggs in the breading process. In addition, the pan drippings are used for the milk gravy. This is what you want when you really love fried chicken.

Double-Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake

When people feel down, many of them go for something sweet to make themselves feel better. That means you’ll really feel good after the double-chocolate helping you get in this sugar bonanza.

According to legend, the product development team made a mistake when they first tested their original recipe. They actually put in double the amount of cocoa than what was listed in the recipe. But they enjoyed the result, proving once more that there’s really no such thing as too much chocolate when you’re in the doldrums.

Chicken n Dumplings

Plenty of adults remember how their moms and grandmas prepared this type of dish at home, when they were growing up. Here, you get the juicy chicken tenderloins with the tasty dumplings that will just put a smile to your face. Every visit to Cracker Barrel should feature this dish, even if you’re feeling upbeat already. It just makes people happier.

Southern Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Some people order a salad but feel unhappy about it, mainly because it reminds of them of their dietary restrictions. But this should make you a lot more cheerful, since it still comes with the grilled chicken and all its juiciness. You get the homemade croutons and the 2 deviled eggs, along with the almost obligatory fresh romaine lettuce and ripe red tomatoes.

Who says comfort food has to be good for the soul but bad for the health? This is proof enough that it’s not always true.

Baked Apple Dumplin’

True, with the calorie and sweetness level of this treat, ordering it goes well beyond indulgence and approaches sheer decadence. But sometimes, you just need something this good to banish the blues. It’s hard to feel depressed when you’re with friends while you’re all enjoying this warm dessert topped with vanilla ice cream, apple topping, and pecan streusel.

Maple Jam n’ Bacon Burger

The burger is another mainstay in most lists of favorite comfort foods, for good reasons. While people don’t normally associate the Cracker Barrel brand with burgers, perhaps this unique-tasting burger can change that perception.

This is a cheeseburger that’s enhanced with the crispy peppered bacon. While bacon really makes things better, what truly makes this burger special is that it also features sweet maple onion jam. If you’re feeling sad and hungry (often, those particular feelings go together), then this burger will cheer you up nicely. And you won’t be hungry afterwards, either.

Final Words

It might be argued that as Cracker Barrel specializes in Southern fare, only those who grew up in the South will truly appreciate the comfort foods at Cracker Barrel. But that’s not really the case. As the success of Cracker Barrel as a brand proves, Southern homestyle cooking is simply for everyone—especially when you want to feel better!

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