The best 4 ways to style crop tops in winter! 

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There are different reasons to love each season. As we end the year with Halloween, Christmas and New years, it is time to welcome the winters. So, Winter is around the corner! And hence the winter shopping has begun. More than 50% of the wardrobe will be taken by winter garments. Winter garments made up of fabrics like wool, cotton, etc can only keep your body warm. But what about the style? What about your uniqueness? You may think that buying fashionable woollen garments can keep you stylish as well. And there’s nothing wrong with that. As they are on the top of the fashion list as well. Most importantly, the basics are a must. You can’t do away without the basics. But does that mean you should ignore your favourites? Just because it will fail in protecting you from the cold. Crop tops had made a space for themselves not just in every woman’s wardrobe but also in their heart. And will stay longer! And there’s no doubt that crop tops are ruling your heart as well. So jump to BelleLily sales and grab the crop top of your choice.

Then why this ignorance? Okay, I got it! It’s because your midriff remains naked. How can a midriff-baring top protect you from the chilling cold? What if I say crop tops can be your winter fashion as well? Yes, heard me right! You can save some space in your wardrobe for your crop tops. Have you heard about the term layering? So, layering means styling your crop top with jeans and a jacket, and boots. You can pair your crop tops with anything of your choice. But where can you get quality crop tops, jeans, or leggings at an affordable rate? Hey, why not check out the BelleLily website and buy using BelleLily deals? Let’s discuss the ways to style your crop tops in winter: 

High Waisted Jeans and a Denim Jacket:

Just wearing a crop top will not protect you from the cold. You have to pair your crop top with winter-specific pants and a jacket. Pair your crop top with high-waisted jeans. You can choose jeans with length to the waist as well. It’s completely your choice! But if you are too sensitive to cold then it is best to choose a high-waisted one. As you know that your midriff will remain naked. So, if you wear high-waisted jeans then your midriff will get covered to some extent. And you will be protected from the cold. Wear a denim jacket over your crop top. Keep the buttons of your jacket open. This gives you a chic look as well as keeps you warm. Want to add some extra oomph? Then go for boots instead of some ordinary footwear. You will look amazing! So, why wait? BelleLily houses varieties of high-waisted jeans and denim jackets in different shades and colours. You will also find several boots here. Just check out the BelleLily website and avail yourself of BelleLily promo codes to save some money. Hurry up!!

Fleece-lined Leggings and a Coat: 

Pairing up your crop top with fleece-lined leggings will surely flaunt your curves and make you stand out. Adding a coat over your crop top will enhance your look and also keep you warm. But before you try the layering this winter, some pointers for you. Pointer number one is that since leggings are tight you should wear a loose crop top. If your crop top is also tight then it may not be comfortable for you in the long run. You should also ensure that your leggings are thick so that it traps your body heat. Want to try this layering? Are you looking for something that suits your body? Just head onto the BelleLily website and grab some BelleLily discount codes for better prices. Go… grab it now!! 

High Waist Skirt and a Cardigan

This winter spice up your look by trying out something new. What about pairing up your crop top with a skirt and a cardigan? The length of the skirt can be full or till your knee or above your knee. But it will be good for you to opt for a full-length skirt. Otherwise, your legs will get exposed to the cold weather. You can then further balance your look by wearing a cardigan. Give your look a finishing touch by wearing your boots. Once you visit the BelleLily website you will find varieties of full-length skirts with amazing textures and vibrant colours as well as shades. You will also get to see several types of cardigans. So, what are you waiting for? Head onto the Newchic website and check out the Newchic coupon codes . Avail now! 

Tapered Pants and Highly  Fitted Blazers

Do you want to give some twist to the regular suit look? If yes, then you should surely layer your crop top with something new. Are you ready? So, pair up your crop tops with tapered pants. Then to make your crop top stand out, wear a highly-fitted blazer over it. Don’t forget to leave the buttons of your jacket open. This will surely add a little spice to your new look. If you need some voice then check out the BelleLily website and shop using BelleLily coupons

Whatever the season you should always follow fashion. Fashion shouldn’t go out of fashion! Just because crop tops expose your midriff area doesn’t mean that you should ignore them. Always try to find a way out in difficult situations. Be it in your professional life or be it your personal life. Crop tops are ruling your hearts so why not find a way to wear them in cold weather as well? If you want to try out these layering ideas then visit the BelleLily website and do some BelleLily shopping this winter. You don’t have to worry about the rates. As there are many BelleLily offers available. Don’t miss those… offers!! 

By Arslan Shah

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