The Benefits of a Performance Exhaust System

Performance Exhaust System

Your auto’s exhaust system is responsible for ventilating harmful gases from the combustion chambers in your engine. It consists of several individual parts, including the exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, muffler, manifolds, and oxygen sensors. These parts work together to ensure that gases do not become trapped in your engine — which can cause symptoms such as difficulty starting, noises from the engine, or smoke from the exhaust pipe. If you suspect that your exhaust system is in need of replacement — or if you want to upgrade yours in order to improve your car’s performance — a JBA exhaust kit may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Why You Need a Performance Exhaust System

If your exhaust system doesn’t require replacement, why would you invest in a new one? There are a few reasons you might be eyeing an upgrade such as the Holley Sniper ignition system. Upgrading your exhaust system offers an array of benefits, including a more powerful engine, better fuel efficiency, and — perhaps most importantly — the simple pleasure of customizing your car. If you’re in it for the horsepower, though, you’ll be pleased with the results that a performance exhaust system can offer. The average improvement varies based on the system you choose, but some manufacturers claim that their customers see a boost of up to 10% greater horsepower after upgrading their exhaust system.

Of course, more torque isn’t the only reason you might be interested in upgrading. You may also be attracted to the safety improvements that a performance exhaust system provides. When harmful exhaust gases such as hydrocarbons, nitrous monoxide, and carbon monoxide get trapped within your engine, it can pose an obvious threat to the functions of your car. Even more concerning, though, is the potential danger it may pose to a driver if you happen to inhale these gases. An upgraded exhaust system can improve your engine’s ventilation and thus make it much safer.

How to Install a Performance Exhaust System

If you’ve decided that an upgraded exhaust system is a necessity, there are several selections that can accommodate a DIY installation. One of the best options is the Holley Sniper EFI, which can be used to replace a carburetor with fuel injectors — or it can upgrade your engine’s existing fuel injectors. It comes fully equipped with an EFI master kit as well as an ignition coil and ignition box so you have everything you need to make a major upgrade. Best of all, the kit is completely self-tuning, so you don’t have to be an automotive pro to ensure that it optimizes your car’s performance.

To install a new exhaust system or EFI system, you should ensure that your kit indeed contains all of the necessary parts. You should then consult the instruction manual and confirm that you understand its requirements. If you’re not confident in your ability to execute a DIY upgrade, you can always bring your parts to a mechanic who can complete the job. This can prevent damage to your engine that could happen as a result of an incorrect installation.

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