Surrogacy prices and some major incidents, including biotex company

What does the surrogacy price include?

Surprisingly surrogacy prices include not only the cost of a surrogate mother but also other expenses incurred for the surrogate throughout the pregnancy period. Furthermore, the expenses include food, transportation, and other expenses. More than one pregnancy can also cause an increase in the price. However, if there is a cesarean, the price again fluctuates with an increase of a few more dollars. However, if you carry out the same procedure in Ukraine, it would be more economical than any other European country, and of course, the same for the foreigners.

The reproductive clinics that offer you a guarantee for the procedure are the best ones. They not only help you carry out the procedure smoothly but also ensures you a guarantee for the results. However, even if an unsuccessful embryo transfer takes place, then the whole procedure is repeated multiple times until everything is good to go. Moreover, successful delivery is the promise by the clinic.

Many people approach the Feskov fertility clinic because it offers great packages at affordable costs. Moreover, the surrogate mother does not charge high amounts for the process. Everything at the Feskov reproductive clinic is economical. The feskov leihmutterschaft process is cheap.

Also, surrogate others from Ukraine take part in foreign trips to Canada, the Czech Republic, and the USA. Notably, the important and expensive surrogacy procedures take place in Ukraine, and hence the actual surrogacy cost gets reduced. Prof Feskov had come up with a great idea for initiating these processes.

 Egg donation services

The Feskov reproductive clinic also offers egg donation services to couples. The egg donation service is further categorized into the following:

●  Comfort guarantee service

The comfort guarantee service includes IVF and PGD. Moreover, multiple embryo transfers can occur along with an egg from the egg donor and male sperm. The clinic is responsible for covering risk up to the 12th week of pregnancy. The cost of this program is 17,000€.

●  VIP guarantee program

Another well-known program, the Feskov fertility clinic, offers a VIP guarantee program that again offers IVF and PGD. Even more, this program offers risk coverage until the child is born. The total cost of this particular program is 28,500€.

Feskov reproductive clinic’s services and warranty programs

There are various services and warranty programs that the clinic offers. Some of them are listed below:

●  Egg donation

●  IVF

●  Human genomics

●  Legislative services

●  Surrogate mother services

●  Services for singles

Surrogacy and fraud (BioTexcom)

Surrogacy has gained quite much popularity in recent days. With the rise in popularity, there are more cases of deception, and innocent couples are trapped in the name of surrogacy. Ultimately, they are no longer left with money and children. As per recent news, a similar incident occurred in Italy and Ukraine. Also, the news had been revolving around the incident on the media and internet.

Story of the BioTex company

There are always two sides to the story, and similar is the case with biotexcom. A surrogacy procedure was carried out, and the baby born through surrogacy in Ukraine was not recognized in Italy, which is quite sad. Moreover, the father’s DNA from the couple even did not match the child’s DNA which is again something disturbing.


Surrogacy is a blessing for those who want a biological child. Many packages come under surrogacy. Some are cheaper, while some are costly depending on the variations. Some packages contain luxury services like choosing the gender of the baby and unlimited IVF attempts.

The Biotexcom incident is quite disturbing as it changed many people’s perceptions about surrogacy. This scandal was about a child born in Ukraine but didn’t get any recognition in Italy which was very unfair.

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