Steps to Improve Business Online Presence in 2022

Steps to Improve Business Online Presence in 2022

For the year 2022 and even the foreseeable future ahead, experts have unanimously hailed local SEO as the key element of building a strong online business presence. Especially for small business owners confined to a single geographical zone, gaining better online visibility for users in the vicinity, and ranking high for local search queries is the best way to grow your business. Keeping this heightened emphasis on localization in mind, let us explore the best steps to improve online business presence in 2022.

  1. Entrust the best SEO Company in Delhi to create an attractive and detailed ‘My Business Page’ on Google.

Merely creating an account is not enough. As this service is free, all your competitors would have already registered with their name and basic information. To make sure that potential consumers pick you over your competition, you need to think out of the box and add an element of differentiation to innovatively portray your offerings as superior. In this regard, the SEO company in Delhi, or the SEO company in India can really help you gain instant recognition with a well-optimized page, high local search rankings, and an aura of differentiation as compared to your competitors. Start with choosing the right business category, upload attractive pictures of your premises, products/services, and key in all the necessary details like complete address with zip code, contact numbers, Google Map directions, and timings.

  1. Optimize your Google ‘My Business Page’ with positive reviews and engaging posts.

For improving your online business presence, it is important to seek positive reviews from your satisfied customers. A high star-rating and genuine user reviews that describe your offerings and benefits, will immediately capture the attention of prospective clients who are looking for the same products and services. All the more, writing high quality posts (optimized with local search keywords) will add to your credibility and competence as a business owner and industry authority.

  1. Lay Emphasis on Local Citations apart from Google.

A tunnel-vision for Google can often end up with businesses losing out a considerable market share on other important platforms. A sizable chunk of users also look up for products/services in their vicinity, using Facebook, online yellow pages, Bing, Apple Maps, Yahoo Local, and so on. As an entrepreneur, if you cannot devote time and attention towards creating high quality, consistent and detailed listings on each of these platforms, it is always a good choice to rely on a qualified SEO service provider to adequately implement this Local SEO strategy for you. Remember, these citations do not affect your search ranking directly, but certainly hold prominence for your target clientele.

  1. Get listed on noteworthy Review Sites and Affiliate Sites.

Apart from the positive reviews on your Google Business Listing, getting good mentions on popular review sites (relevant to your industry) and highly-raked affiliate sites, is also a sure-shot way of gaining wider recognition. For example, if you are a Delhi-based business, contacting a noteworthy SEO expert Delhi would be a good way to initiate a local SEO campaign for better online visibility. All the more, the top SEO company in India will be able to ensure that all your citations/mentions/listings across search engines, third party sites and social media platforms maintain the same consistent information, uniformity and branding.

  1. Give equal importance to Social Media Visibility for a strong online presence.

Of course Local SEO is the stronghold for your business to make its presence felt in a city, town or neighbourhood. But a professional SEO team will suitably advise you to undertake holistic digital marketing, so that you capture the attention of both search engine users, as well as social media users. A prominent listing is important on all major platforms, even if you choose to remain active on just Facebook or Instagram. Both online and offline businesses can capture sizable market share with a strong social media presence, and well-optimized profiles. Local outreach is all about good word-of-mouth. For erstwhile brick-and-mortar businesses, all of this used to happen physically. But in the current digital era, your satisfied consumers are most likely to recommend you to their friends/acquaintances on social media. Hence the importance of monitoring social signals cannot be undermined.


Enhancing your online business presence in 2022 can be a challenging task, owing to the increasing competition. Increasing reliance on digital avenues, local SEO strategies hold the key to success for start-ups, as well as small and mid-sized businesses to expand their horizons.

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