What are Squid Game games? The scariest games ranked!

What are Squid Game games? The scariest games ranked!

Netflix series Squid Game is on the agenda of the world… Squid Game games consist of 7 different topics. If you are undecide about which is the scariest game in the series, where children’s games are blend with horror, check out our list.

Squid Game games bring one step closer to the big prize money (45.6 billion won), even if the losing participants die. The Korean survival drama series Squid Game, directed by director Hwang Dong-hyuk, has topped Netflix’s top 10 for three weeks since its release.

During the first season, Gi-hun and the other players are subject to six different competitions of classic children’s games, resulting in the losing players being killed and the winners moving on to the next round.

Many of the games are kept secret until the participants start the competition. This makes the games more terrifying. With that in mind, we’ve put together the “Difficulty” rankings for each of the games played in the first season of Squid Game, ranking them from easiest to hardest.

7. Squid Game Game: Ddakji (Origami Game)

While this game isn’t exactly a part of the Squid Game tournament, it is the game that made the protagonist of the series, Seong Gi-hun, qualify for the grand tournament in the first place. Other participants also play this game for the first time.

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While Seong Gi-hun, unemployed and in debt, is waiting for the subway, an unknown man approaches and offers to play this game. Learning that he will receive 100,000 won (approximately $84 USD) for each game he wins, Seong Gi-hun accepts the competition. For each lost game, a slap is taken.

The rule of the Squid game is simple. One of two different colored papers is chosen. One of the cards is tried to be flipped over the other. The side that can spin wins.

The aim of this game is to see how susceptible the competitor is to be humiliated in public and to find potential candidates.

6. Squid Game: Marbles

The marble game is not scary, but the situation can change a little when you have masked people with guns on your head. There are no certain rules in this game where you win 20 marbles from your opponent. All you have to do is take all the marbles from your opponent.

Contestants, who thought that the game would be a team game, matched with the competitors and cause the death of the players they did not want to be eliminate.

5. Squid Game: Candy Mold

In the candy mold game, which is the second game in the series, you have to remove the shape without breaking it. Killing the players whose candy is broken by you every minute makes the game more difficult.

Although a circle or triangle is relatively easy compared to other shapes, if you choose other shapes, your job becomes more difficult. If the shapes are broken or distorted, you are eliminated from the game. So you are killed…

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4. Squid Game Game: Red Light, Green Light

The first game of the series is “Red light – green light”. Contestants do not yet know that elimination means death. In the red light green light game, you have to stay still when the giant toy looks at you. Those who move are shot to death one by one.

For the first time, players who see the eliminate ones are kill want to escape, but these actions cause the death of a large part of the players. Players who reach the finish line without being caught win.

3. Squid Game Game: Squid

The main reason why this Squid Game is terrible is that the players have knives in their hands. It is also very sad that your childhood friend is your rival. The Squid Game is played on a sand-drawn area and the players are divided into opposing offensive and defensive teams. The goal of the defender is to stop the attackers (At any cost!).

2. Squid Game: Tug of War

You know the rules of the tug-of-war competition. The two teams cross over to both ends of a thick rope and try to pull each other down. There is a big chasm in this game. The losing team falls from a height of several hundred meters and loses their lives.

In this game, we see that players are face with a “kill or be kill” situation. Players who kill to not die are having an internal reckoning, thinking that they did it for the sake of money.

1. Squid Game : Glass Bridge

The fifth and penultimate game from Squid Game “Glass Bridge” game. This game looks more like a game of chance than skill. Between the entrance and exit of the room are two “bridges” made of side-by-side glass panels, each of 18 panels. To win, players must cross the bridge within 16 minutes to reach the other side of the room. However, some of the glass in bridges consists of tempered glass that can withstand weight, while others consist of ordinary glass that breaks easily.

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The worst part is that even if you success and reach the crossing, the windows break and you are shower with shards of glass.

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