Tip Tips And Tricks For Speeding Up A Business Broadband

Tip Tips And Tricks For Speeding Up A Business Broadband

Speed is good. Having quick internet connectivity makes communication easy, faster, and exciting. On the other hand, slow connectivity can interfere with the workflow in your businesses. Ultimately, this will reduce your business’s productivity. That’s why you should speed up your broadband. Here are tip tips for speeding up your broadband connection.

Consider Upgrading to A New, Modern Leased Line

If you are using a traditional line, consider upgrading to a faster and more reliable leased line. A leased line is dedicated fiber-based broadband that runs from your company to the most adjacent fiber connection.

With a leased-based line connection, you have excellent speed, efficiency, and reliability when it comes to business broadband. This option allows you to access up to 99.99 percent uptime. These lines offer a speed of up to 1Gps. This makes these lines the acme of reliable business broadband.

‍Switch To a Better Package

Available in monthly packages, business broadband only deals come with different speeds. If your package offers you slow speeds, try higher packages. In most cases, a higher package means enjoying better speeds.

Upgrading to a higher package means getting more features and other incentives. However, it’s important to note that upgrading comes with additional costs. Higher packages cost more money. The good thing with this move is that it will boost productivity and boost your staff’s morale.

Switch To Another Broadband Provider

There are numerous broadband providers out there. Each provider offers different services. The speed differs from one provider to another. If your current provider offers you slow speeds, switch to a new supplier.

Compare prices of different providers through price comparison sites. Choose a provider who offers higher speeds. Higher speeds streamline the operations of your business. It increases communication speed, which can hugely help your business save a lot of money.

Use A 4G Router

Invest in a 4G router to increase the speed of your broadband. Broadband speed can be high in one location and slow down in a different location. Purchasing a 4G router will solve the speed issues, helping your company enjoy higher speeds.

With a 4G router, you have equipment that’s capable of supplying you with a reliable 4G connection. This robust infrastructure can incredibly increase the speed of broadband to your office or business. It’s also vital equipment for reducing downtime.

Besides increasing speeds, a 4 G router gives you a cost-effective solution when it comes to running a rural business.  Unlike traditional limes, 4 G routers don’t restrict your speeds.

Consider Upgrading the Wi-Fi Router

Another great option for increasing broadband speed is upgrading your current Wi-Fi router. Besides upgrading your package, consider upgrading to a new, more reliable Wi-Fi router.

Choose a modern router. It comes with superior traffic capabilities. They also offer better transfer speeds. Modern routers come with better bandwidth sharing as well as further range. ‍This means that you will experience higher speeds, even at huge distances. Irrespective of your location, you can enjoy quick file sharing, reliable phone calls, and efficient downloads.

Conduct A Comprehensive Wi-Fi survey

Consider conducting a comprehensive Wi-Fi review. A survey is one of the best ways of boosting your broadband speeds. With a survey, you can easily recognize the optimum placement points. You can also identify the wireless access-based points in your business.

 Use a Wi-Fi survey to design your building’s heatmap. With the survey, you can easily determine strong internet connection points. This helps you achieve minimal latency as well as higher speeds.

Go For a Complete Wi-Fi Infrastructure

If you are planning to conduct a full broadband overhaul, consider installing a full Wi-Fi-based infrastructure. Choose an infrastructure that guarantees you strong, robust, as well as speedy connectivity.

If you are relying on a single Wi-Fi router, consider bringing in a full infrastructure. A single router can cause the speeds to slow down. A good Wi-Fi infrastructure will automatically translate to higher speeds, better productivity, and increased employees’ morale.

Share Bandwidth Equally

Consider assigning each device equal speeds. Sharing the bandwidth equally ensures that ball devices run at impressive speeds. This is one of the best ways of ensuring that no devices are hogging your broadband speed. Look for software that automatically shares, controls, and limits the bandwidth of all devices. ‍

Ethernet Or LAN Connection

According to most people, wired ethernet and LAN connections are quicker than their Wi-Fi-based counterparts. However, the opposite is true. According to the research, LAN-based connections are faster than wired connections.

 If you want to increase your broadband speeds, consider switching to the Ethernet and LAN connections. Doing so will greatly reduce latency, making your internet browsing faster and more efficient.  

Minimize Interference

Get rid of interference. Of course, controlling the Wi-Fi transport medium and airwaves isn’t that easy. However, you can take measures and control interference to a certain degree. Consider starting with the most practical and controllable source of interference.

According to experts, you can control or limit co-channel interference. This is interference that comes because of having more than two Wi-Fi access points. The channels can overlap, causing co-channel interference. Use the auto channel feature to pick the right channel.

Co-channel interference affects 2.4 GHz and 5.4 GH bands. This is because a 2.4GHz comes with 11 channels. Up to 9 channels in this band overlap. On the other hand, a 5.4GHz band comes with 24 channels. If you use a 20MHz band, none of these channels will overlap.

Additional Tips

Here are additional tips and tricks for increasing the speed of your broadband:

  • Consider using a 5GHz
  • Use a band steering
  • Employ a WPA2 as well as WPA3
  • Consider cutting down SSIDs in your system
  • SSIDs shouldn’t be hidden

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let slow broadband connections disrupt the operations of your business. You can speed it up. Speeding it up makes workflow faster. It also simplifies internal communications. It optimizes your digital marketing strategy. Speed up that broadband with the above tips and tricks.

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