Special lubricants and high performance lubricants

Special lubricants are applied between the two moving surfaces to reduce friction and to stretch between them. The purpose of these special lubricants is to replace dry friction with friction of thin film or liquid film depending on the weight, velocity or intermittent action of the moving parts. The lubrication oil of thin membranes with some contact between the moving parts is generally defined as the place where the loading element occurs. In a liquid or solid film, the lubricant forms a pressure film between the moving surfaces and separates them completely. This type of lubricant is not easily retained in high speed machinery and is used when two-way or two-way conditions are mild. The efficient operation of the machinery depends not only on the selected lubricant but also on the method of its application.

Lubricating oil

Used for lubricating control or meter wide lubrication. The lubricant provides adequate lubrication regardless of changes in air flow. Lubricating oil features include adjustable volume, low level safety switches, pressure switches, temperature switches, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, integrated filters and heat exchangers.

High performance lubricants

High performance lubricants are an integral part of modern machinery. The machine uses high-performance lubricants to prevent rust and solids from accumulating near the mounting parts. High performance lubricants are designed for extremely high temperature applications with low oil vapors that extend the life of bearings in industrial applications.

Automatic lubrication

Automatic lubrication is necessary to protect the machine / plant and extend its life. And control the supply of lubricants.

Auto Lubricant

Proper lubrication is essential for the operation of the equipment. Both high and low fats can lead to premature endurance failure and can cost thousands of dollars to repair and repair. Automatic lubricants can work in one machine, different zones of the machine or even in many different machines. Whatever the demand, the main pump automatically supplies lubricating oil to the injector through a supply line.

Lubricating oil systems are essential for any industry that relies on both stationery and mobile machines. Introduced in the 1930s, these systems are also known by popular names such as industrial lubricants, automatic and medium lubricants. The main purpose of installing them is to extend the life and performance of various machines and devices.

You could have a service station that uses different machinery or a store that sells different lubricants and related products. It is good to understand these systems in order to choose the best option. The following sections discuss the benefits and basic functions of a useful lubricant.

What is a lubricant?

This is the process of applying lubricating oil to machine parts to reduce friction and prevent possible breakage. At the industrial level, this process is very important to prevent the loss of expensive machine. However, this process of oiling is often difficult to handle by hand. This is due to the popularity of lubricants and their components, which are found in various designs.


These automation systems also have access to machine parts that are difficult for humans to access. Another advantage of their use is that the lubricant is evenly distributed over the parts of the machine. Most importantly, these systems are designed to automatically lubricate mechanical bicycles. It reduces human labor and time and increases safety in case of machine malfunction. These systems are also in use because they make the most of lubricants to prevent contamination and misuse.

How do they work?

The lubrication system consists of 4-5 key components that contribute to effective lubrication. Lubricant storage in these systems helps store the lubricant that needs to be applied. It should be noted that lubricants can be obtained in different forms such as solid liquids and liquid liquids. Another component is the pump that forces the reservoir to provide lubricating oil for use.

These systems have a pre-programmed timer or controller to activate the system for the lubrication process. Injectors are components used to supply lubricating oil to machine parts. These components are connected to the pump and reservoir by supply lines. As soon as the timer system is activated, the lubricating oil is released through the injector.

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