Social Media Aggregator: All You Need to Know

social media aggregator

Brands and businesses that follow the theory of ‘be where your customers are’ religiously are successfully growing in the market. And in today’s world, social media is where most of the population is present. You can use social media content in your marketing to reach, attract, engage, and convert your target audience.

Sounds good? But how can you do it? Use a social media aggregator tool. Let’s get started to understand what it is and how it will help you.

What is a social media aggregator?

Social media aggregator is a tool that collects content from various social media platforms, presents it in one unified space – social wall, and shows it on different marketing platforms like websites, display screens, email campaigns, etc.

How social media aggregator tool works?

You can enable a social media aggregator tool by first creating your account and then linking your social media account with it. A social media aggregator tool gives users various options to collect content from a social media platform. For example, users can select options like stories, usernames, page names, hashtags, etc., to collect content from a social media platform.

A social media aggregation platform helps brands and businesses provide an engaging experience to their customers, thus increasing engagement and conversions.

Why use a Social Media Aggregator?

The role of a social media aggregator tool is very influential in improving your marketing campaign’s ROI. Some of the most important benefits of using a social media aggregator tool  are:

  1. Collect and Use UGC

User-generated content is considered one of the most authentic and effective forms of marketing resource. With a social media aggregator tool, you can collect this UGC created by your customers and use it in your marketing campaigns. The social media aggregator tool will directly link the social media accounts, aggregate content from there, and present them in a creative feed called social wall, which you can then share on your marketing touchpoints.

  1. Show Brand Authenticity with Social Proof

When you use user-generated content in marketing campaigns, it acts as social proof. Displaying UGC shows your brand authenticity and establishes you as a trustworthy brand.

  1. Engage the Audience

We all are familiar with how much social media gains attraction and love from people. Seeing social media content in your marketing campaigns will encourage the audience to engage and participate in the campaigns. 

  1. Automate tasks to save time

Social media aggregators give you automation features that auto-update the content of your social wall. It helps save time as you don’t have to add new posts on the social wall manually. The filter options also help you show only selected posts. So you don’t have to delete a lot of posts manually. 

  1. Analyze and Improve Performance with Analytics

Social media aggregator tools give analytics of the social wall, which will help you see the engagement rate and other metrics. You can then improve your social wall’s content and make it more creative.

Ideas to Use Social Media Aggregator Tools

You can create different types of social walls, like UGC-based walls, reviews-based walls, product galleries, social media content, etc. But where can you display it? Social media aggregator tools enable you to display it on different platforms. Here are the different ways how you can use the power of the social media aggregator tool.

  1. Display Social Wall on Digital Signage

Social media aggregator tools are amazing as you can display your created social walls on digital screens and signage. You can use it in stores, at venues, or at events. Displaying social walls will add to your brand presence, engagement, and conversions. 

  1. Embed Social Wall on Websites

Amplify your website content and presentation with creative social walls. Social media aggregator tools also help keep the widget feed updated with real-time content. 

  1. Create Shoppable Feeds for your Online Stores

Social media aggregator tools allow you to add shoppable hotspots/tags on the social media content that you embed on your website. Social media content is already engaging and will inspire your visitors to purchase, thus increasing your conversion rate.

Best Social Media Aggregator Tools

Now that you are ready to utilize social media aggregators for your marketing campaigns. Let’s discuss the best social media aggregator tools available for you in the market. Below are the three most efficient and popular social media aggregator tools.

  1. Taggbox
  2. Curator
  3. Tagembed

Check the product features of the above tools and take a free trial, then decide which one is best for you. While making your choice, consider these points:

  • Option to curate content 
  • Option to customize feeds and add CSS
  • Get real-time updates
  • Scalable products that can be used to display social walls on multiple platforms.

Wrapping Up

With minimum effort in using social media aggregators, you can create a huge impact on your engagement rate and conversion rate. 

Social media aggregators are a powerful tool for marketers. Select one for yourself and get started on the ride to boosting your brand presence in the market.

Create endless marketing opportunities with a social media aggregator tool.

By Arslan Shah

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