Small Business Packaging Ideas

Small Business Packaging Ideas

We’ve listed a few alternative packing solutions to keep your small business’s items secure in transit.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start; we’ll show you what you’ll need and what you can accomplish with very little.

What Packaging Do You Need For My Small Business?

Small Business Packaging Ideas

1. Packing Vessel

Vessel may sound elegant, but we’re referring to the shipping box, bag, or envelope that your products require. This will vary depending on what you offer, but you should have a standard packing unit.

2. Packing Filler

If you’re delivering clothing, bowties, or blankets, you might not require this; they don’t need to be cushioned on their way to your buyer.

However, if you sell candles, teacups, or jewellery, we recommend using packing filler such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap to protect your items.

3. Packing Tape

This should go without saying, but unless you have self-sealing bags, you’ll need packing tape. Even if you do, things happen, so have some packaging tape on hand in case you need it!

4. Specialized Materials

When shipping temperature-controlled commodities, materials like refrigerant gel packs ensure that your product reaches in good condition. Aerosol spray receptacles, airbags, alcohol, and other products all require hazmat shipping labels.

Cheap Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

Cheap Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

Craft Paper and Twine

Craft paper is a strong and inexpensive solution for delivering products that aren’t too fragile. Wrapping your product in handmade paper and wrapping it with twine gives it a rustic, handcrafted look.

Repurposed Newspaper

Repurposed Newspaper

Wrapping your product in old newspapers is a unique approach to package it that will appeal to your clients. Another appealing feature of newspapers is that each box is unique, making each buyer feel special.

Cheap Small Business Packaging Ideas

Branded Stickers or Cards

Branded Stickers or Cards

Stickers or cards with your brand or name on them are a quick and easy method to dress up your box and gain awareness. These are significantly less expensive than personalized boxes, but they still make a statement.

This saves money for your company, especially if you print the cards yourself and provide a pleasant bundle for your customers.

Branded Boxes and Bags

Branded Boxes and Bags

Your package will stand out as it travels to its destination if it is packaged in a box or bag with your logo and name on it. When your consumer receives a beautiful box with your company’s name on it, they quickly recognize it and become excited!

Cute Small Business Packaging Ideas

Cute Small Business Packaging Ideas

Surprise Add-Ons

You can include whatever you can think of that isn’t too expensive for your company. You could, for example, offer a candy cane in each order during the Christmas season.

Tie some dried flowers to your package for added playfulness in the spring. Many small businesses distribute stickers or cards that aid in the growth of their firm as it gains greater exposure.

Surprise Add-Ons

Art or Handwritten Notes

Every customer will feel special and valued if you include a handwritten note or some personal art, either inside or outside their package. It may be as easy as putting a cheerful face on each package.

Inside the gift, some business owners include thank you cards or entertaining, product-related polaroids.

Small Business Packaging Ideas for Clothing

Simple Bag

Polybags are an ideal transportation method since they are long-lasting, inexpensive, and customizable.

Clear or coloured poly bags are slightly more expensive than ordinary grey bags, but they’re worth it to add some colour and personality to your package. You may even have your logo and brand printed on the outside of the bag if you want to take it a step further.

Upscale Box

This strategy is more expensive, but it will have a long-term effect on your customer. Birch box, for example, has made their bespoke packaging a brand hallmark that attracts customers.

On Instagram, a separate box customized with your company’s image and name will go a long way!

Final Thoughts

Consumers today have high expectations for appealing and secure packaging. If your product is broken when it comes, it is an issue for your company.

If your product arrives in cute packaging, people are more inclined to picture and share it. Small company packaging ideas with personality aid in the development of your brand and the distribution of your product.

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