Skin Tag On Eyelid: Causes, Treatment, And More

Skin Tag

Small skin growths known as acrochordons (also known as skin tags) are attached to the body by a slender stalk. Several body parts may have them, although the armpits, groin, and neck are the most common places. They may also appear on the eyelids. Skin tags are collagenous, and blood vessels are covered with skin. They can be a shade lighter or darker than the skin around them. What causes skin tags on eyelids and how you can get skin tag removal in Calgary or elsewhere you live are discussed in this article.

What Causes Skin Tags And How To Treat Them?

Excessive cell proliferation in the higher skin layer is the cause of skin tags on the eyelid. In addition to hereditary or unexplained reasons, several conditions might enhance the likelihood of acquiring skin tags. A few leading causes of skin tags are mentioned above. 

  • Body weight

Skin tags are more likely in people who are overweight or obese because of the additional skin folds that rub against one another.

  • Age

Skin tags seem to be more common in older persons, suggesting that they are regular aging outcomes.

  • Pregnancy

Due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy, pregnant women are more prone to acquire skin tags. When a woman gives birth, the tags on her abdomen usually fall off.

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Treatment Of Skin Tags

Large skin tags around the eyes are seldom removed because they block vision. Some might even desire them erased for cosmetic reasons. Before removing the skin tag on the eyelid, you must see a doctor. Doctors may remove skin tags to reduce the chances of infection. Skin tags may be removed from the eyelids using several medical treatments. These topics are explored in further depth in the subsequent section.


Ophthalmologists in Calgary and the rest of the world use cryotherapy to remove the skin tag. With liquid nitrogen-soaked forceps, they’ll compress the skin tag and remove it. 

Excision by using a pair of scissors

Using sterilized scissors, a medical professional may remove tiny skin tags. They achieve this by slicing through the skin tag’s stem, attached to the eyelid by a thin stalk.


The skin tag may be burned off by a doctor using a device that transmits an electric current. This technique may be quite successful and can also avoid any bleeding after the procedure.

Removing A Skin Tag Carries Some Risk

To eradicate a skin tag from the eyelid, a person should visit a doctor because the most successful procedure may also have hazards. These dangers are described in further depth in the following sections.


Removal of large skin tags may result in bleeding. Proper wound treatment is necessary to prevent the spread of bacteria or other organisms.


Some methods of skin tag eradication may leave scars. Medical professionals can help you with scarring and other side effects.


Skin tags on the eyelid usually are innocuous, but they might irritate or impair eyesight. Therefore it is best to remove them as soon as possible. There are hazards associated with attempting to remove skin tags on one’s own, especially in such a risky body part. Medical treatment may be necessary for specific individuals to eliminate a skin tag. It would help if you also discussed any possible hazards or side effects with your ophthalmologist in Calgary or elsewhere. Recurring treatments may be necessary for certain circumstances to eradicate a skin tag completely.

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