SEO consultant: who he is, what he does, how to choose him and how to become one

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Having a beautiful and well-kept website, e-commerce or blog is not enough today. In fact, if the site and the topics covered are not displayed on the first page of Google for the related keywords that bring traffic and conversions, potential customers may not even know of our existence: obtaining better visibility on search engines is in fact essential for increase visits to the site, which can lead people to learn more about the project, the brand and consequently increase sales and revenues from advertising, for example.

But what to do if you lack the time or SEO skills to improve the SEO positioning on the website ‘s search engines ? It might be sensible to contact an experienced and reliable SEO Consultant  , or a person who takes care of just this by trade, to make sure that by typing precise keywords the website appears first on Google – or at least in the first positions of the SERP .

Being able to emerge today in the sea of ​​content on the Web is not easy, but there are real strategies that allow you to emerge, undermine the competition and reach a level of consensus and satisfactory earnings. That is why in this guide we will go through everything on the subject, what to pay attention to when contacting one and how to do to undertake this job.

What it is, or rather who it is

The Consulente SEO is  a professional who analyzes, reviews and implements all changes to be made to websites so that they are optimized for search engines. This means that he devises strategies and puts them into practice to maximize traffic to the site, so as to improve the so-called page rank on Google and Bing.

The overall goal is to increase the level of traffic to a website by using keywords and key topics to improve the user experience and meet search engine guidelines.

In other words, it means that it manages to make your site appear at the top of the search engine results for those specific keywords (or keywords) useful for that specific activity. Years ago the work was carried out in a very different way from the present one; then, with the many changes to Google’s algorithms introduced in the last period, it now requires having a specific set of skills.


In fact, a consultant must have specific skills: he must first of all be a solver of technical and content-related problems, he must have the ability to prioritize key actions by first identifying them, he must know how to analyze a website, carry out keyword research, implement link building strategies and develop relevant and engaging quality content.

It is not for nothing that the most famous phrase among insiders is “content is the king”. So when you ask yourself specifically what an SEO consultant does , the answer lies in this list:

  • understand the client’s marketing objectives, competitive position in the industry, their business niche, the products or services they have and the brand positioning factors
  • carry out an SEO audit , i.e. examine, test and solve website problems
  • website optimization both through on-page SEO techniques (content structure, H tags, images, formatting and internal linking) and through off-site SEO techniques (technical aspects and link building)
  • research of main, secondary and long tail keywords , which means knowing how to identify new potential targets to attract readers and customers
  • implementation of keywords on the site
  • work on user experience
  • diagnose technical problems and solve them
  • know Local SEO if your SEO consulting activity is aimed at local businesses
  • SEO copywriting skills
  • know the news of the sector and keep up to date on the changes that are constantly introduced by search engines
  • know the CMS for managing sites and contents, such as Magento, WordPress, Prestashop etc.
  • optimize the structure of internal connections
  • use KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of the SEO campaign
  • design and implement link earning and link building strategies
  • carry out monthly SEO reports to be sent to the client.

SEO and Web Marketing Consultant

SEO is a piece of a broader marketing strategy, therefore the consultant ‘s work goes hand in hand and can be entrusted to a single professional or to several experts in the field. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is also a branch of Inbound Marketing , a set of strategies that allow a website to be found by customers and entrepreneurs / professionals to stop looking for them one by one.

How to become an SEO consultant

This question can only have one answer: study, study, try, test, bang your head, test again, understand how to continually improve and grow the projects you work on. In fact, he is a very requested figure in the current market and there are many ways to undertake this profession; even if there is no pre-established path or degree course dedicated to this figure, it is possible to become an Agenzia SEO :

    • reading the many articles found on the web, first of all on foreign sites such as the Moz blog, an inexhaustible source of information on SEO
    • reading the books dedicated to the subject
    • taking an online or classroom SEO course 
    • entering web marketing agencies as an intern
    • studying self-taught, that is, building websites and blogs and trying to position them on search engines.

In fact, you can acquire millions of theoretical notions but then the practice is what really makes you learn. However, there is no SEO certification , so these are the only paths to take.

E-commerce consultant

He is that figure specialized in the optimization of online stores and who therefore, in addition to having all the skills of an SEO strategist and SEO specialist for websites and blogs (corporate and non-corporate), knows well the infrastructure and architecture of the e -commerce and their positioning factors.

How much does he earn

There is no single answer. The cost of a consultancy can in fact vary from a few hundred euros to thousands of euros, it all depends on the project that is commissioned.

What questions to ask to choose the right one

Are you looking for a consultant who can help your online project grow? Here are some questions to ask before entrusting a consultation that will prevent you from finding yourself in a difficult situation, in which you could contact the person hired and tell him ” I want my money back !”.

Can I have a list of your current and past customers?

How will you improve my search engine rankings?

Do you comply with Google’s webmaster guidelines?

Can you guarantee that my site will become first on Google? If you answer “yes”, you better run away: no one can guarantee similar results.

Will you let me know all the changes you make to the site?

How will you measure the success of SEO campaigns?

How will we communicate and how often?

Finally, what will happen as soon as your contract expires? Think about protecting yourself from the start – you should still retain ownership of everything that has been optimized, so make sure the contract states that it won’t remove any of the work done (and paid for) at the end of the job.

When do you see the results of SEO consultancy?

It depends. The results can be achieved within a few months or a year, everything varies according to the project being treated.

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