Sea Buckthorn For Better Heart & Liver Health

sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is the oldest and most traditional superfood in history. It belongs to the Tibetan medicine system and is also part of the Chinese medicine system. It is one of the superfoods rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many more. For a long time, it has been used to improve blood circulation, blood circulatory diseases, boost the immune system, improve liver damage and many more. 

Sea buckthorn is a berry from the sea buckthorn plant. It is mostly found in the cold region of southeast china. It gives orange-yellow berries that provide medicinal properties to the body. Today, we will talk about heart and liver health.

Sea Buckthorn For Heart Health

For better heart health, it is good to add Sea buckthorn Berries or pure sea buckthorn juice to the diet. It is effective in all cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases like clotting, heart failure, high blood pressure and many more. The clotting of the blood leads to serious heart problems and a reason for death too. All over the world, around 8% of people get strokes due to blood clotting in the blood. Sometimes platelets are also the reason to give blood clots and heart problems.

According to the study, sea buckthorn berries or supplements have the power to decrease blood clotting in the body and support proper blood circulation in the body. Sea Buckthorn is rich in Vitamin C, even more than oranges and lemons. Hence, it is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Sea buckthorn keeps the blood vessels wider as well as reduces LDL cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The power antioxidant particle decreases the oxidised LDL(Low-Density Lipoprotein)

Overall protection of the heart, heart walls, blood vessels, etc can be expected from the sea buckthorn use. High blood pressure is also another reason for heart diseases and problems. Sea buckthorn is also known to reduce high blood pressure. It normalises the blood pressure in the body and decreases the pumping pressure on the heart and its walls. Having carotenoids and flavonoids, the regular use of sea buckthorn also boosts the immune system that protects the body from the free radicals attack. 

Sea Buckthorn For Liver Health

As per the study, sea buckthorn is effective in protecting against liver diseases. Basically, sea buckthorn is good for liver fibrosis. Liver fibrosis is a condition when your liver tissues do not work properly and become scar tissues. Sea buckthorn improves liver working as well as liver fibrosis. Liver fibrosis is a serious condition that may lead to liver infections, liver failure and many more. Do you know what liver fibrosis causes in the body? It occurs in the body through infections and excess alcohol consumption. chronic liver problems, hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and many more. The ideal and natural way to increase the liver tissues and liver fibrosis is by the use of sea buckthorn. 

Sea buckthorn berry is an anti-inflammatory property that reduces the inflammation of the liver and decreases liver fibrosis. For the patient who is suffering from liver fibrosis, the doctor also suggested that we start using sea buckthorn juice. Having natural anti-inflammatory fruits and natural liver fibrosis fruits is much better than many drugs and placebo. Well for better and more effective results, it is good to use sea buckthorn juice or capsules or supplements regularly.

The use of sea buckthorn berries is not limited to liver damage, the extract of sea buckthorn leaves is also effective for liver health. It has a liver damage agent called carbon tetrachloride (CCI4) which supports liver health. The extract of sea buckthorn leads creates a protective mechanism in the liver. 

How To Use Sea Buckthorn For Heart & Liver?

To take advantage of Sea Buckthorn, the berries are highly famous. As we know, sea buckthorn berries are effective in the heart and liver. Consuming the sea buckthorn berries raw is very difficult. It is extremely sour in taste, much higher than lemon. In the traditional time, the decoction of herbs is highly famous. Even Ayurveda is also said that decoction is the best way to have the nutrition of any plant, herb or fruit. Hence, you can prepare a decoction of the sea buckthorn berries. Boil some water in low flame with sea buckthorn berries either dried or natural. Stir it and drink it.

Well, it is very difficult to find buckthorn berries in every location. Hence, the extract of any fruit is popular. Find the best sea buckthorn berries extracted from the market. Sea buckthorn juice online is the best choice. You can mix some sea buckthorn juice in the water and drink it easily. Yes, dilution of sea buckthorn juice is a must for better taste and easy intake. The use of liquid from any herb and fruit is much better than solid form. The liquid is easily absorbed by the body’s stomach & organs and able to work better.

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