Scheduling a Bus Tour for your Holiday? Here’s what you need to check on!

Luxury bus tours can prove to be one of the most comfortable means to travel, especially when you are on a holiday. You simply book a trip, arrive at the pick-up point, step in, sit back and relax as experienced chauffeurs take you around in complete comfort and luxury! However, when you choose from among “bus trips near me” there are a few small yet significant aspects to check on before making a final selection. We provide some pointers here. 

Aspects to Check on Before Finalizing Bus tours in Kentucky 

  • Are Identification Proofs Required? Whereas most tour providers will not make identification proofs mandatory, you need to carry them for safety. There are some tourist hotspots that may ask for ID proofs before allowing entry. Besides, in case there are unplanned stoppages en-route, owing to breakdowns or untoward incidents, having a photo ID proof may come in handy.
  • What about cancellation policies? Cancellation policies vary from one company to company. In most cases, you are liable to get a complete refund of your amount, up to a period of 30 days prior to your date of travel. Post that, a certain percentage of the amount may be refunded. You need to check with your tour and travel company in advance.
  • How much luggage can I Carry? There will be luggage restrictions on board. You will not be allowed to carry as much as you wish. In most cases, a medium-sized suitcase per person is all that will be allowed on board. However, if you are traveling with infants or senior citizens, you may need to carry prams or strollers, wheelchairs, walking sticks, and similar equipment. You need to make sure that these would be allowed on board. 
  • Are Seats Pre-Allotted? Most bus tours will have pre-allotted seating and the same will be allotted on a “first come first serve” basis. However, it is always better to ask. Also find out if special seating is provided for those suffering from motion sickness, vertigo, and similar conditions. People suffering from motion-related disorders find it extremely difficult to travel in seats allotted towards the backside. Special seating may be required in such cases. 
  • Are Electric Outlets Available? This is a very important query, especially for longer routes. Considering that you may need to charge your electronic gadgets multiple times during the course of your trip, one dedicated charging point per seat will be required. Having to share a charging point with your fellow passenger may not be all that convenient. 
  • Are food and beverages allowed on board? This would indeed be a relevant query especially if you are traveling with kids who need to keep munching on snacks and juices every now and then. Most tours will allow consumption on board. However, there may be restrictions with respect to the nature of containers you can carry onboard. 

When you choose bus tours in Maysville, KY also enquires about travel insurance. In most cases, the tour company will arrange for travel insurance for you. If it is a customized tour, you may need to ask your operator for more clarity. 


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