Safer Than Spine Surgery?

Safer Than Spine Surgery?

Forme® physicians Discover the Key to Soothing back Pain Without Surgery, Drugs, Or Injections

90% people will experience neck and back pain, which may eventually rob them of their lifestyles and mobility and — But now, a breakthrough spine wearable medical device, approved by many orthopedic surgeons, is helping people beat the statistics and even avoid surgery.

Every day, people search for a way to soothe their back spasm, burning, or radiating pain.  And when simple tasks like driving, walking, bending down, or climbing stairs become difficult, they have no choice left…

They resort to expensive medication, painful injections, and eventually spine surgery. But that could be a huge mistake.

 The agonizing truth about spine surgery…

It’s clear spine surgery might be the last resort and that the road to recovery is painful and long. Which raises the question…

Is it possible to avoid or dramatically delay spine surgery?

The fact of the matter is some people will need surgery. But a growing number of people are using a spine wearables breakthrough to delay or outright avoid surgery altogether.

In fact, over 100,000 have already used FORME wearables. (

It all started when orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stephen Liu was helping his mom, during cancer chemotherapy, to sit upright for better posture and breathing.  He and other surgeons created something truly groundbreaking called Forme® and users everywhere are stunned at the results.

This breakthrough could help people reduce back pain, stand taller, and quickly be mobile, without efforts.   

One special advocate of FORME is three times world champion shot putter John Godina,

“As a 3- time Olympian and medalist, I struggled with spine issues for years.  I wished FORME was around while I was competing in 5 world championships and 3 Olympics. It is the only natural and sustainable solution to reduce neck and back pain, by simply wearing it.”

Forme spent years refining the design and getting input from experts and users to create the ultimate back pain solution.

“Many clients at my clinic have neck and back discomfort or weakness. Others are in blinding pain, unable to sit or walk. One of the first things I recommend in either situation is Forme,” says Orthopedic surgeon Earl Brien, MD.

If you have back pain, weakness, or discomfort of any kind, FORME could be exactly what you’re looking for

FORME wearables engage spine muscle memory to transform posture, breathing, sleeping, and reduce neck and back tension, by simply wearing it.  It is not a brace, strap or compression wear, all of which do not engage muscle memory.  Often these devices will cause muscle atrophy and worsen the condition.

“Forme is sensational!” Xavier McKinney, starting safety, NY Giants.

Studies from various medical centers showed FORME wearables can significantly improve chest expansion with Posture change; and directly reduce muscle pain and improve mobility.

Plus, the many fabric tension materials and design in FORME provides a gentle warming feel sensation that helps melt neck and back pain away fast.

FORME is discreet and comfy, so it can be worn all day without anyone noticing.

It’s easy to see why FORME has over 100,000 happy customers.

And because FORME is committed to helping people in pain, they’ve made it easy for everyone.

“We all need this in our life.  I had chronic back pain, muscle spasm, and scoliosis.  After wearing the FORME bra and tee for 24 hours, I cannot tell you how amazing it felt.  I was pain free.”  Kristi Hujik, Sirius XM executive, PGA tour radio, Whole30 Certified Coach.

For a limited time only, FORME has slashed the price of the US made, FDA registered, patented posture correcting wearable by up to 20%.

This is the lowest price that’s ever been available, so there’s a real risk they’ll run out of stock. You click  here for more information.

Get Relief with Best posture correcting wearables for total body alignment and better spine Today.

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Order your FORME at

Step 2: Within 7-10 days your FORME will arrive on your doorstep. Slip your body into the wearable and pull over the body for rapid posture change, pain relief and spine support.

Step 3: Wear your FORME all day, for sleep, travel, and exercises for lasting posture training, muscle engagement, pain relief, back support, and fast recovery. It’s so comfy you may just forget you’re wearing it.

Helpful Hint: If someone you know or love is suffering from neck or back pain, you can give them this as a gift they’re sure to love — the gift of standing taller, neck and back pain relief, mobility, and freedom.

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