RP2040 Board Supports Raspberry Pi HATs – StackyPi

The RP2040 StackyPi is a Pi Zero-sized Raspberry Pi that supports Raspberry Pi HATs. Acts like a RP2040, yet looks like a Zero.
RP2040 Board Supports Raspberry Pi HATs - StackyPi

Why not create your own Raspberry Pi if you can’t locate one? SB Components, the company behind this Kickstarter, is planning to deliver the StackyPi, an RP2040-based board with a Raspberry Pi Zero small size.
The board has an 8MB SPI flash memory for the firmware, as well as a MicroSD card connector, a micro SD port, two buttons, and a 40-pin GPIO header that allows it to work with various Raspberry Pi uHAT and HAT extension boards.
For complete GPIO access, the StackyPi has two rows of 20 male header PINs torn away. Because of its GPIO support, the StackyPi is compatible with a wide range of Raspberry Pi HATs. The sole stipulation is that the help must be programmed by the end-user.

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The header has a total of 40 pins, and it supports UART and SPI, among other things. The header must be compatible with the Raspberry Pi’s header. According to the manufacturer, the Raspberry Pi extension boards (HATs) are simple to use, which should greatly ease the connection of external sensors and sensors – in real terms, users with HATs save wire.

StackyPi Specifications:

  • MCU — Raspberry Pi RP2040 dual-core Cortex-M0+ microprocessor with 264KB SRAM running at up to 133 MHz
  • MicroSD card connector, 8MB (64Mbit) SPI flash storage
  • 1x Micro USB port on USB
  • Expansion — GPIO, I2C, UART, SPI, and other 40-pin GPIO headers The Raspberry Pi header (3.3V I/Os) is mainly compatible.
  • Reset and Boot buttons, among other things
  • Power through a Micro USB port at a voltage of 5 volts.
  • 5 x 30 mm Dimensions (Raspberry Pi Zero form factor)
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The interoperability of the board with Raspberry Pi HAT add-ons is its “primary selling feature.” Of course, not everything will work, but the StackyPi unlocks a variety of extras by imitating the Raspberry Pi’s 40-pin header — plus a microSD slot on the side adds some helpful on-board storage.
This isn’t the first effort to fit an RP2040 into a Raspberry Pi Zero’s footprint: Solder Party teased the Zero RP2040, also known as the Meta Pico, last year, though the board was not yet available to buy at the time of writing.
SB Components has integrated a microSD card port, 64MB of onboard flash, and a few of surface-mounted buttons in addition to the GPIO. The StackyPi is powered via a micro-USB connector. Worldwide shipment is planned to begin in March 2022, assuming the StackyPi crowd funding campaign meets its pledge target and the project completion goes well.

View the promotional video below to learn more about the StackyPi Raspberry Pi based microcontroller project.
The official Kickstarter page has a launch price of $18.98 (£14), but early donors may have it for for $9.49 (£7). Soon after the crowdfunding effort concludes in March 2022, deliveries will begin. For additional information and a closer look at this new board, see the StackyPi project page.

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