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Commonly, we are all aware that cats are always prone to any type of disease or illness. Whether they are indoor, homely cats, or stray ones, they can always be a subject of a certain type of disease. There are a number of possible factors from which a cat could acquire diseases. It could be from the food they ate, from the environment that they inhabit, it could be inborn, or they acquired it from a fellow cat that carried a contagious disease. You can always count on the top vets in Sacramento for consultation when your cat happens to acquire a disease– help is always within reach. Now, access to veterinarians has been made more convenient because there are also online checkups for your pet. 

Below are the 5 types of diseases that cats can acquire:

  1. Cancer

Aside from humans, cats can also acquire cancer, which can be deadly. Cancer is a type of disease in which cells severely multiply and grow, which may affect the cat’s internal body. There are different types of cancer classifications that a cat can acquire such as Squamous cell carcinoma, osteosarcoma, and fibrosarcoma. The cause of cancer for cats can be inherited genetically, or it can come from an environment. To protect your cat from this deadly disease, always keep your cat in the vicinity of your home. If symptoms such as lumps, vomiting, weight loss, and change in behavior surface, consult a vet immediately.

  1. Fleas

Of course, fleas. For both dogs and cats, fleas are already a common problem. Fleas are actually inevitable and unpredictable. One day your cat’s fur is clean, and then the next day you can suddenly find tiny parasites hiding beneath your cat’s fur. Fleas can be acquired from dirty environments or from fellow cats who carry fleas. Fleas are not actually difficult to banish, they can be solved by getting your cat vaccinated, using shampoo and soap remedies, or by preventing your cat from straying too much. Symptoms of this disease are obvious– redness in your cat’s skin, your cat scratches often, and even weight loss. Too many fleas in a cat can be dangerous because it can result in anemia.

  1. Overweight

Although obesity in cats is often viewed as cute and is often complimented due to the cat’s fluffy body, it is still clearly not healthy. Obesity can cause complications inside a cat’s body. Cats were meant to have usual physical activities. They are meant to be active, fit, and have normal weight. Too much heaviness can cause heart problems, diabetes, and worse, cancer. To help a cat banish obesity, give it the proper diet that it needs, and engage them in running or walking on a daily basis. 

  1. Rabies

Commonly, for both cats and dogs, rabies is such a high risk. Rabies can corrupt a cat’s brain, and even its bones, which can result in death. Rabies is a transmittable disease, and a cat can acquire it from other fellow cats who have it. It could be that a cat got bitten by an infected fellow, or rabies-filled saliva got inside their mouth. To prevent your cat from obtaining rabies, have it vaccinated. A vaccine for rabies is a big advantage, because aside from getting your cat protected, in case your cat bites a person in the future, that person can be safe too. Avoid letting your cat stray outside too in order to protect them from wild animals who carry rabies.

  1. High-Rise Syndrome

Cats are known for having the ability to land on their 4-legs despite falling from a high elevated place. No matter how high you drop a cat, it always has the reflexes of swiftly making a safe landing position. However, too much high is not good. When a cat happens to fall from a very high place and gets injured, it is the high-rise syndrome. Although a cat may have instincts to survive a high fall, risks can still come. It can be broken legs, which will cause them severe complications that will deprive them of walking, or worse, fatal death. For people with more than two floors in their houses, make sure to double-check your windows to keep your cat safe. And avoid bringing your cat to high places especially if your cat is easily terrified of heights. 

To conclude, these are 5 of the usual problems that a cat can get. And aside from these, there are still numerous risks to be told such as diabetes, ringworms, FIV, FELV, etc. Bear in mind to immediately bring your cat for consultation when signs of disease come. There are numerous vets in Sacramento that you can always choose to go to. Assure and provide your cat the comfort, protection, and lovely home that it needs. Cats are a good choice of companion. Although they can sometimes be grumpy and messy, they are cute and playful, and they can give you the kind of happiness that can be found nowhere but only in cats.


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