Return to Nature is One of the 2022 Home Decor Trends

Return to Nature is One of the 2022 Home Decor Trends

Following international furniture trends is not something that we do yet in the United States, whether it’s a lack of options, exposure, or just the fact that some trends are unacceptable in our cultural setting.

I am aware that I prefer a more distinctive and personalized look. However, I must try to incorporate some of these trends into our tastes as a stylist and modern designer furniture. Many of the trends for 2022 shocked and delighted me this year.

Some of My Personal Favorites Are Listed Below:

Blending Styles

I support this ongoing trend! While global trends like industrial and Scandinavian continue to gain popularity, bolder prints and tropical touches will be incorporated to create a stunning fusion of the exotic and the contemporary.

Go Natural

In keeping with the idea of sustainable design, 2022 will shift toward more natural materials and away from “plastic” in your living room. Live edges, raw wood, and organic wood forms are essential. Natural wood, wicker, sea grass, jute, and other live textures are used in various shapes and designs. To create a dramatic yet natural atmosphere, use a live edge on a coffee, side table, or other organic forms.

The Artisan’s Return

Contemporary furniture and accessories made of repurposed, shabby, and distressed wood are also trendy. Buying handmade or artisanal products is very popular, and it’s time to blend your old and classic pieces with your mass-produced pieces to support local artisans worldwide.

The Rattan’s Coming Back

Additionally, making a comeback as a material for the home, both indoors and outdoors, is rattan or wicker. Designers are increasingly considering incorporating this versatile, eco-friendly material into more contemporary designs.

Combining Metals and Woods

The theme for this year is textured, so combining various types of wood in one piece, as well as metal and wood and wood and wicker, is all okay. Building up layers of textures gives a lot of depth and variation while being sensual and easy on the eyes.

Painter’s Canvas

Many interior designers use the canvas on walls as an art medium. By painting walls instead of covering them with wallpaper, you offer a fresh, modern look and create an element of surprise when walking into your home.

Bringing Indoors the Outdoors

Finally, this one should be obvious. To spend as much time as possible outdoors or in nature. Put a strong emphasis on natural light, employ botanical prints, and create a space that feels less enclosed. Space can feel more “green” by adding large plants, fresh flowers, green leaves, twigs, and driftwood. Every living room incorporates a balcony or patio, making the spaces less distinct.

Yes, I know that altering your complete appearance every year might be challenging, but some styles are eternal and evergreen. All that’s required is a few minor adjustments to your accessories and upholstery. If in doubt, always err on the side of Mother Nature; choose wood, textures, and colors, and you will never be out of date and rarely be incorrect.

Which trend do you therefore prefer?

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