Retail Checkout Counter Ideas for Higher Sales & Happier Customers


Since nearly everyone was in the house for the past year to battle international crises, sales in retail could be one of the things that were on people’s minds… However, when life is slowly returning to normalcy across the globe, we’re beginning to realize that we’ve missed the joys of life, and shopping is undoubtedly one of them.

Ideas that retail stores could try to improve sales at the counters for checkout–

Make safety and health the top priority-

With COVID-19 putting people in check, you have to ensure that your employees and customers feel secure when they visit your business, including the check-out area. So, you must be sure to improve security and health with your cash wrap. Based on the store you are using, it could be:

  • Placing plexiglass to create an actual barrier between the shoppers and cashiers
  • There should be a sanitizer bottle available at the counter so customers can wash their hands
  • It is a good idea to invest in fixtures or other materials similar to antimicrobial countertop mat

Following these guidelines can help clients feel relaxed and show your employees that you’re watching out for your customers. Overall this creates an environment that is beneficial for all.

A clean and safe system for POS-

Ensure you are equipped with a card reader that can accept cashless payments. This isn’t just a growing trend in the post-pandemic world but also a more secure and cleaner method to pay. It’s also possible to enhance your POS machine by putting it in an acrylic case that is easy to take off and clean later. Additionally, ensure your Restaurant POS Software system in your company is spotless; also, provide your customer’s hand sanitizer in this instance so that they know that you’re considering their safety and health.

Provide your customers with various payment options-

Your customers share one thing they share that they don’t want to wait in line in stores, no matter the product they buy from you, and no matter how excited they may be about getting their purchase in your retail store, the reality is that nobody wants to sit in a long line to pay and leave.

Many studies have been conducted on the frictionless payment experience at the check-out point to minimize wait times and bars and ensure customers enjoy the most pleasant checkout experience.

This will make them remember your brand and return to the shop. If you’re a business owner seeking ways to make it easier for your customers to pay without waiting for them to pay, we have five payment options you can test in your store right now. Inventory management software is very useful for the retail counter.

Encourage impulse purchases-

Create a room in your check-out section for products that customers can easily buy while out. If you take the proper approach, you have a high chance of increasing the number of sales.

Impulse purchases make up the majority of consumers’ spending. A study by discovered the following “Eighty-four percent of poll respondents say they’ve made an impulse purchase at some time, and 77 percent in the past three months.”

The study also revealed that over 80percent of respondents purchased something impulsively in a store as opposed to only 6% who stated they bought something impulsively via their mobile.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar shop, you’re in an ideal location to encourage shoppers to make impulse purchases, and your counter for checkout is among the most natural places in your store to promote this. Customers who have made it to the line for checkout are likely to shop, so putting the right products can increase their basket size.

Offer people the opportunity to (digitally) look through your offerings-

If you own an e-commerce site but don’t sell each SKU in the store, allow buyers the chance to browse your catalog. It’s easy to accomplish this by providing your associates with tablets to use when they interact with customers.

What about those who like to shop by themselves? Place tablets on the counters at checkout so customers can browse your online shop.

Stock Your Checkout Counter with Frequently Forgotten Items-

The concept behind impulse buying could be a little unethical, and you could be hesitant about this.

It isn’t necessary to be this way.

It is possible to make impulse purchases beneficial to your customers. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to add often neglected things to your counter at checkout. These are the things that shoppers who frequent your shops are looking for and want; however, they forget to add to the carts.

The easiest way to determine the meaning of these items can be to inquire the following questions:

  • What do your customers often ask your salespeople and cashiers for or want assistance?
  • What do ideal customers of yours require and may not be aware of?
  • What do customers often say or shout out when purchasing at the counter?

Turn Cashiers and Employees into Salespeople-

In a time when the majority of brands are moving to digital human interaction, the customer experience still matters.

Brick-and-mortar shops provide customers with the “human” element missing in online e-commerce. Customers still prefer to speak to sales representatives at retail who will help them determine what’s best for them and provide specific suggestions.

Your employees, such as your cashiers, should be trained to increase the customers’ value. Smiles, a warm greeting, and some simple questions can assist your cashiers to gently guiding customers to purchase something on top of what they require.

Make sure you convey the correct message-

Adequate signages do make a difference

Since 2012 Sun food has been up 30 percent of their typical product turn times after adding signage in their five stores. The reason they did this was by the addition of headers and side signs for their display of products.

Don’t stop at the shelves of products.

Additional locations include the outside area, front door/window, and changing room. The counter in your store is an essential part of your retail store for promoting your brand and upselling products.

Make adjustments to the lighting-

The use of lighting in the right way also influences your customer’s buying behaviour. It draws customers’ attention to your premium items and makes them appear more expensive. Try mixing different kinds of lighting and find out which is the most appealing.

Make sure to check your lighting frequently and replace broken lights. It’s the most affordable and quick method of giving your shop a new design.

Use the back wall-

The wall space behind the counters for your checkout is an ideal place to showcase items and increase sales. This is particularly helpful for smaller stores that have a small area for the floor.

Customers may overlook your most popular products in the bustling retail space. The white space on the wall can make the displayed items (and their promotional signs) be seen. Items shown in the display could be newly arrived products, seasonal, or in high demand. Therefore, customers can shop and wait to make payments on their purchases.

Make It Social Media-Friendly-

One way to ensure that shoppers stop and look at your checkout area is to display an enticing quote or artwork that can serve as a conversation starter–and even better if you can incorporate your social media handles and hashtags.

If you have the proper advertising, you might discover that customers post pictures of themselves in front of your check-out counter, which will earn your business free publicity on social media.


While this isn’t an exhaustive list of methods to increase the sales at your counters for checkout, these ideas are likely to increase sales. Try combining a few of them or just using one. Whatever option is best for your business, you must remember that your check-out isn’t just that your customers pay; it’s also where you can give them an experience they’ll be able to remember.

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