Repeated Denial by Rick Scott Consultant, Josh Cooper of Using Ice Penis

A photo is again circulating in the media these days that is nothing more than a snapshot snapped at an awkward angle. Cooper insists that the photograph doesn’t show him carrying a block of ice in the shape of a penis next to the mannequin’s groin.

Florida Governor Rick Scott paid a Tallahassee political consultant named Joshua Cooper more than $500,000 for digging up dirt on Scott’s foes over the last few years.

According to Scott Jason Cooper Miami, the photo does not reflect the stories that are circulating behind it. Cooper, Scott Jason Cooper of Miami spends the majority of his free time working as a barbecue chef, and he claims that he was only throwing away a chunk of ice while competing in a Memphis competition.

He already has said that there was no intention on his part of him to have sex with the mannequin. Actually, he was just throwing away a large piece of ice when this picture was clicked. He also addressed the New York Times, blaming his teammates for posting inappropriate photos online.

This photograph was taken in May 2017 and shared on the internet. However, it received no public attention at the time, but it is again revived in the media. Cooper also informed Miami New Times that after he requested the photo, his friends had already removed it. His political opponents are now using this photograph to malign him.

With his barbeque squad, he was competing in the BBQ tournament. In May 2017, he featured on a reality TV cooking competition as MasterChef alongside renowned chef Gordon Ramsey.

In one interview, Cooper also said that cooking is a kind of therapy for him. He also goes into the kitchen at home on a regular basis.

Cooper has also been a member of the Republican Party for a long time. He was director of research and communications for the Republican National Committee. In 2004, he also served as Victory Field Director for Bush. He also had campaigned for him.

He has three children and one son, and it is because of them that he began cooking with fresh foods. He and his children now reside in Tallahassee. Cooper has made a lot of money as one of Governor Scott’s top political consultants when he is not grilling meat.

Since 2012, Republican political action committees and groups have paid his company, known as Strategic Information Consultants LLC, or him, more than $768,000. According to Florida state records. A political action group of Scott, ‘Let us Get to Work’, had contributed more than $517,000 to the cause.

Also, Cooper was offered by Scott, taxpayer money a few years back. Scott’s administration paid taxpayers $25,000 in 2011 after Cooper’s firm did background checks on the governor’s behalf, according to the Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times Tallahassee Bureau.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement usually conducts background checks on new workers in the governor’s office, so it is unclear why that happened. Scott informed the news agency that he did not have any paperwork to showing that he has given Strategic Information Consultants money from public funds.

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