Relaxation Vs. Deep Tissue Massage – What’s The Difference?

As time unfolds, we are subjected to many things, including sore and tensed muscles. If you have to be on the frontline of tasks or have to handle a lot, even at home, you must’ve heard many people telling you to get a ‘massage’ to unwind. Whatever the goal, it’s crucial to understand a range of massage alternatives to pick from, each with its own set of benefits and outcomes. A wellness clinic in Calgary or elsewhere can help you in this regard.

Relaxation Vs. Deep Tissue Massage

Someone seeking relief from painful muscles will likely require a different type of massage than someone seeking relaxation. To get started, you must know that two of the most common types of massage are Swedish massage, also known as relaxation, and deep tissue massage. Though either of these massages helps with relaxation, the benefits differ. You may need a deep tissue massage in Calgary or wherever you live if you have sore muscles.

What Is Relaxation Massage?

After going through a tiring day, if you’re looking to get your nerves relaxed, the relaxation massage is what you should get. The primary purpose is to make you feel calm and organized. Your massage therapist will often employ long, soft strokes toward the chest during a relaxation session to produce a tremendous overall circulation for the body. They can also specifically target trigger areas with kneading or moderate chopping strokes if necessary.

· Identify your goals

This sort of massage is not meant to treat various ailments, including persistent neck pain, back discomfort, wrist pain from keyboard misuse, old accidents from sports or automotive accidents, restricted functional mobility in the neck, limbs, or legs, etc. Massage therapy in Calgary or elsewhere is centered on identifying the cause of distress and whether relaxation massage can help before starting with the process.

· Relaxation is guaranteed

Prolonged, smooth motions are used in relaxation massage to soothe painful muscles and joints, improve relaxation, and alleviate stress and tension. If you need to settle your nerves after a hectic week or if you’ve been feeling worried, a relaxation massage is ideal.

Not suitable for deep-seated issues

Relaxation massages are only meant to provide temporary relief because they’re designed to relieve aches and pains rather than solve underlying problems. Stress hidden deep inside the soft tissue(muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia) is the most common cause of these symptoms. You’ll most probably need a deep tissue massage in Calgary or any other city if the strain that’s creating the trouble is deep in your tissue or if releasing that tightness requires therapeutic methods and firmer pressure.

What Is A Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage, on the contrary, is more of a restorative therapy choice. As the name implies, this technique aims to alleviate tension in the soft tissues and inner layer of muscles. In contrast to relaxation massages, deep tissue sessions require forceful touch to loosen strains and cramps and promote long-term relief. You can assess how much force is adequate by communicating with your massage therapist.

· Intense pain is a “stop” sign

During a deep tissue massage, the therapist must consult with the client to ensure only a required amount of pressure is exerted in each location. Deep tissue massage does not have to produce severe or extreme pain to be effective.

· A perfect option for active individuals

This form of therapy is beneficial for individuals struggling with chronic pain in their back or neck. It can also help athletes in training who are experiencing muscle cramps due to heavy exertion.

· It comes with more therapeutic options

The pressure will usually be higher than in a relaxing massage. It’s also a more targeted massage, with the therapist focusing on releasing chronic muscle tension or knots (sometimes called “trigger points”).

Is It Harmful To Get A Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massages aren’t intended to hurt but will undoubtedly be more unpleasant than a typical relaxing massage. If the strain becomes too much, communicate it with your massage therapist. If you decide to go with a deep tissue massage, remember to drink a lot of water – since it helps you eliminate lactic acid from the tissues.

The massage is likely to leave you sore and hurting for a day or two, which is nothing unusual and means a great deal of waste was flushed out from your tissues. The following days are likely to be less hurtful and lighter.


Depending on your need, you should first consult a massage therapist and identify what you’re looking to achieve. If it is more about relaxation, go with relaxation massage, and if, about chronic pains, deep tissue massage would be better. You can easily find suitable massage places in Calgary or elsewhere where licensed therapists guide you through the involved processes. 

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