Reasons to do Valley Of Flowers Trek


Treks are usually fun and rejuvenating but imagine going to a place more fragrant than any perfumery, how much of a refreshment would that be! As the name suggests the trek is a journey to a valley full of flowers spread in an area of 33.8 sq mi which makes it amazing and unique because most treks are on barren terrain. 

The Valley of flowers trek is one of the most popular treks of Himalayas & one of the oldest too. It was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002 after it’s opening as a National Park in 1980. The Valley Of Flowers is located in the Bhyundar valley of Chamoli district in Uttarakhand and the nearest town is Joshimath, Garhwal. The trek for the Valley begins from Govindghat. It is a part of the second core of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. The last human dwelling area is in Ghangaria which is 13 km from Govindghat. 

Valley Of Flowers is also a take of moderate difficulty level. The best time to go on this track would be around July to September and it is located at an altitude of 14400 feet above sea level. As the name suggests, the destination is a valley of flowers where you can see a large variety of flowers in different shapes, colours and sizes and also in the different stages. The scent of the flowers is said to be so amazing that some trackers even fall unconscious. Now we don’t know if this is an exaggeration or not, maybe find out by yourself ?


A lush green Valley full of flowers is definitely going to smell amazing. A real treat to all the senses! An area of a few square kilometers full of greenery to feast our eyes on. The fragrance of the flora wafts through the valley to treat your olfaction. The trek goes through a lot of dense forest area, beautiful flora and fauna to gaze upon and admire, glaciers, fresh cold water from waterfalls and a river to cross. 

Difficulty level

The trek is relatively easy but on  a moderate difficulty level so it is enjoyable for beginners too. In case you have beginners in your group, you can choose this trek since the destination is gorgeous but the trail is easy. 

Good for solo travel

Have you ever dreamt of escaping the monotony with just a backpack and no one you know but yourself? This might just be the perfect place to go to for you! It is very safe, with a lot of options for travel companies to go with and the opportunity to meet and travel with new people. 

Budget friendly

You can travel without burning a hole in your pocket and this is the perfect example of it. A lot of affordable transport options to get to the base camp and affordable accommodation can be found as well. Travel companies and agents take care of your budget and fulfill needs that fit it. 

A chance to explore one of the World Heritage Sites

UNESCO declared the Valley Of Flowers as a World Heritage Site in 2002 and it stands true to the title by its mesmerizing beauty galore and it never fails to amaze. People have even gone so far as to say that some trekkers become unconscious by the beautiful fragrant overload. 

Rare/Endangered species of animals

Asiatic black bears, brown bears, musk deer, snow leopard, etc are sometimes seen on the trail that goes through the deep forests. The Valley is located in a National Park which contributes to the factors affecting the presence of wildlife there. 

The Sights

Like any trek destination, the Valley Of Flowers presents an opportunity to gaze at the wonderful panoramic views of the Himalayan range that will be an amazing treat for the eyes. 

Sikh pilgrimage

One of the sites worth seeing – Hemkund Sahib, the highest Gurudwara in the world, is included in most treks to the Valley of Flowers and it is a famous Gurudwara in Chamoli, Uttarakhand. It is dedicated to Guru Gobind Singh. He spent a whole decade there and is located at an elevation of 4,633 meters. Some treks even end at this Sikh pilgrimage as a destination. Some mythological believers take this place to be a meditation place for Lakshman, Lord Ram’s brother.

These were only some of the reasons that would make trekkers run for the valley that is on the list of so many trekkers, even international.

By Arslan Shah

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