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Really Global PEO

The world has gone global and so has the company. Really Global PEO Has Been Doing Business is a blog post that highlights really global, really professional opportunities for professionals across the globe. It includes helpful information on what to do next with your career, plus some article links for further reading.

Mature Professional Employment Organization

Mature Professional Employment Organization (MPEO) is a unique employment opportunities website that provides job ideas and information to nearly one million professionals. MPEO members are dedicated and experienced professionals who understand the importance of helping their fellow professionals find and retain careers. MPEO members share information within their professional network and share the jobs they find with their friends in the profession, helping to create a community of professionals with similar career interests.
The Professionals Network

The Professionals Network is a professionally driven job board for IT, Engineering, Construction, Engineering consulting, and related fields from around the world.

The Professionals Network is the Internet’s largest online resource of the leading, most innovative companies that are looking to hire all levels of professionals.

Key distinction between The Professionals Network

The key distinction between The Professionals Network and other online job search databases is the unique marketing approach taken by The Professionals Network to target potential employers and professionals. Rather than working with traditional job search directories or advertising on other job sites, The Professionals Network targets its leads directly at the company by sending qualified professional candidates in response to their employment ads and actively targeting companies based on their desired industry, location, and position.
The result is an engaged audience of opt-in candidates who are interested and ready for new employment opportunities.

The company was founded after research showed that companies did not have access to a large enough pool of professionals via traditional channels. Instead, many organizations relied on outdated methods of sourcing candidates by posting job ads on job boards and waiting for the leads to come in.

This inefficient approach not only decreased the number of candidates and applications, but also delayed hiring decisions and increased costs of recruiting professionals.

In response to this need, The Professionals Network launched in 2008 as a community-based solution designed to help companies find qualified professionals with ease through an opt-in candidate network.
The Professionals Network is currently managed by Really Global PEO and has been acquired by DirectEmployers Association in 2012. DirectEmployers Association is a national consortium of America’s leading professional employer organizations (PEOs) dedicated to serving the needs of its member companies and the professionals they employ.
Revolutionizing the Peer-to-Peer Professional Employment Industry

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