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Puglia is full of many incredible destinations to visit and discover. Today we list just some of the places not to be missed during a holiday in Puglia!


Alberobello is the main destination for anyone who goes on vacation in our wonderful Puglia. Located in the Itria Valley, Alberobello is characterized by the unmistakable trulli, conical structures in dry stone still inhabited today. Alberobello has been chosen many times as a film set since 1930, up to the present day as in the film “Che Bella Giornata” by Checco Zalone.

Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte is a fortress built in the 13th century located in Andria, 17 km from the city center. This spectacular structure was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1996. Castel del Monte is full of symbolisms that have fascinated many scholars over time. The plan of the structure recalls an irregular octagon which represents the figure between the square, symbol of the earth, and the circle, which represents the infinity of the sky;

Polignano a mare

In recent years Polignano a Mare has become a must for tourists in our wonderful region. Lama Monachile, the historic center, the Abbey of San Vito are just some of the attractions that Polignano reserves for its visitors. Obviously in the summer the crystalline sea is one of the most popular destinations, but also in winter, especially during the Christmas period, thanks to its beautiful limestone installations, Polignano reserves truly unforgettable views;


Vieste has been for years the reference point for tourism in the Gargano area. It is part of the Gargano National Park and, thanks to its clear sea and the numerous services offered to tourists, it has been awarded the blue flag several times. Among the many attractions of Vieste stand out Pizzomunno, a monolith about 25 meters high, the Castle and the Co-Cathedral;


In Salento, Lecce is one of the cities to visit at all costs. Defined as “The Florence of the South” it offers tourists many attractions, including churches, museums and ancient buildings. Symbol of the Lecce Baroque, here it is possible to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of other times, between the Cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace, the Church of San Giuseppe and many other places, Lecce remains a city not to be missed on a trip to Puglia.

Vacanze in Puglia: 4 good reasons …

Summer: sun, sea and fun but above all vacation time. Time to leave room for relaxation and the discovery of new places and itineraries that can leave their mark and become a magical moment to share with family and friends.

Puglia remains one of the favorite destinations of Italian and foreign tourists who are looking for authenticity. A region rich in history, good food, culture and beautiful beaches.

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In Puglia you will find the best of Apulian hospitality between good food and hospitality. You will feel at home, with your family. You will find smiles and cordiality to welcome you.

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Sun, sea and pool club

The Apulian beaches from Gargano to Salento always remain a real discovery. The crystalline sea is the common denominator. The equipped beaches and pool clubs are available to millions of tourists who choose our sea to relax every year.

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Good food

Puglia is known for its food, the tradition that gradually mixes with innovation to give life to new experiments without forgetting the authentic link with the territory. 0 km products , delicious gourmet pizzas , grandma ‘s recipes, the goodness of fresh fish are just some of the elements that distinguish the Apulian cuisine.

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History and culture

From the Romanesque cathedrals to the Lecce baroque, without forgetting the Frederician castles. These are just some of the elements that characterize the history of Puglia. How not to get lost in the alleys of the white city of Ostuni , in the beauty of Trani and in the magic of the Itria Valley ? Spending your holidays in Puglia will mean taking cultural breaks among the beauties of our region.

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